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The History of Ballistol

Ballistol historical pictures

Ballistol – a very special oil.

Ballistol und seine Historie

Whenever somewhere "universal" is, one is skeptical about whether is it suitable for their own purpose, too. Convincing since 1904 in Germany produced Ballistol oil for more than 1,000 applications for generations and is still a secret - no matter whether it comes to the care of skin, fur or cars.

The invention of Ballistol

In 1874, the lawyer Friedrich Wilhelm Klever founded in Cologne, the chemical plant FW CLEVER. He started the production of oils and fats based on coal and bought to a private mine, to be independent of raw material supplies. To turn of the century looked for the Imperial Army is a universal oil, which should maintain preserve not only the metal parts of weapons, but also the wooden stocks and the leather and stuff. At the same time it had to serve the soldiers as a wound-oil for minor injuries, abrasions and cracks. To meet these requirements, experimented the son of the founder, Dr. Helmut Klever, then professor of chemistry at the Technische Hochschule in Karlsruhe, in 1904, until he managed to find the right formulation. He called this special oil "Ballistol" (from the words ballistics and the Latin oleum for oil). The formula for Ballistol yet been able to be kept secret. As a basis medically pure white oil. It is also known that various drugs and herbs to the white oil is added. Soon there was a "miracle oil" and is found in the German army from 1905 to 1945 use. Even with the U.S. Army Ballistol was scheduled 1914 launch, but what it did not come by the outbreak of World War II. In the course of the 2nd World War destroyed the company headquarters in Cologne and completely damaged the plant in Krefeld difficult. Only one building in Leverkusen survived this time without prejudice.
Content of the historical leaflet:

Historical Ballistol oil bottle:

Historische Flasche Ballistol Öl


BALLISTOL als altbewährtes Spezialöl für Desinfektion ist auf Safaris, Expeditionen in Tropen und Arktis, für den Farmer auf einsamen Kamp, bei Verletzungen auf der Jagd und Unfällen als Erste Hilfe von größtem Wert und Nutzen.
Ja manchmal zur Vermeidung von Primärinfektionen von entscheidender Wichtigkeit, damit sofort ein desinfizierendes, zugleich gewebefreundliches, also unschädliches Mittel, zur Hand ist.
In solchen Primärfällen hat sich Ballistol immer wieder bewährt. Zumal in der Hitze der Tropen, wo bei Verschmutzung der Wunden besondere Gefahr besteht, genügt reichliche Durchtränkung von Ballistol. Notfalls reicht Wundtränkung durch die Kleider aus, um die Wunden steril zu erhalten.
In der Weite der Savanne ist Ballistol bewährt gegen Durchlaufen der Füße, Durchreiten, Wunddruck, Springen der Haut, Hitzpocken, Sonnenbrand, Folgen von Insektenstichen, ebenso in der Arktis gegen Frostbeulen. Ballistol wird nämlich von der Haut resorbiert und hat starke Tiefenwirkung, weshalb es große Vielseitigkeit besitzt. Als Lichtfilter verhütet es Verbrennungen durch die Sonnenstrahlen und fördert die Bräunung der Haut. Die beschriebene Erste Hilfe wird jeweils später durch die übliche ärztliche Therapie abgelöst.


Weakened by two world wars, which lasted only the subsidiary plant in Leverkusen, was almost the downfall of the traditional brand Ballistol sealed. After the death of Helmut Klever took the young chemist Dr. Henry Zettler 1970, the management of the company. Gradually, the company rebounded and has become an economically healthy and operating worldwide brands. In 1989, Heinrich and his wife Herta Zettler acquired the company. The name Ballistol outlasted all turmoil of history and was for hunters, shooters, anglers and many others at a constant companion. Since then, production has continued to expand and broaden the range today to over 50 products. In 2006, Henry Zettler gave the company to his sons, Christian and Andreas Zettler Zettler. In 2008, the Ballistol-Shop was designed jointly with the summer Hoff GmbH and imported. The Ballistol-Shop ensures the continuous availability of all products and brands from Klever.

Brand Development

Historic Photos of Ballistol

Klever Logo 1904 registration of the brand Ballistol
Stichfrei Logo 1973 registration of the brand Stichfrei (Sing Free) mosquito repellent
Scheibe Logo 1999 Acquisition of the brand Scheibe
Guntec von Liqui Moly 2005 Acquisition of worldwide sales and production of brand GunTec from Liqui Moly
Ballistol Logo 2005 relaunch and expansion of the brand BALLISTOL for high-quality care products
Neo Ballistol Logo 2006 relaunch of the NEO-BALLISTOL medical body cosmetics
Scherell Logo 2006 acquisition of the brand's Scherell Schaftol

New applications are discovered.

Over the years, new applications and properties of Ballistol discovered up to the use in humans and animals. No other protective and lubricating oil to reach the incredibly broad scope of Ballistol. With Ballistol can be preserved, clean, maintain, protect, lubricate impregnate and disinfect. It is suitable not only for humans and animals, machinery and equipment, but also for natural wood and leather as well as for rubber and plastic. shaken with water Ballistol reacts slightly alkaline. It can neutralize weak acids as well as manual welding, which otherwise leaves on delicate metal surfaces fingerprints. Even about stainless steel cladding, and graffiti-prevention Ballistol is used. In addition, e.g. Ballistol used in the following areas or in the following materials: skin care, wound care, animal care, cosmetics, industrial, hospital, model making, camping and outdoor, automotive, restoration, gun care, sporting goods, hobby and workshop, shipping, financial, musical instruments, garden, office, smoking pipes, wood, leather, plastics, paints and varnishes, etc.

The durability of Ballistol

Similar creatures organic substances of a certain age are subject. Atmospheric oxygen, moisture and bacteria provide for the revocation. Industrial oils consist of hydrocarbons that are attacked by atmospheric oxygen. This form zähklebrige masses, a process known as "gumming". Medical grade white oil, which forms the basis of Ballistol is, but not vulnerable. What is more, Ballistol oxygen scavengers, called antioxidants, in the form of natural products containing that prevent many years the oxidative attack. Because of the alkaline formulation Ballistol can not gum up naturally. The contents of a randomly discovered 60 year old bottle of Ballistol was slightly darkened, as is often the case in natural products, analytical investigation showed no deviation from freshly made goods.

Ecological aspect

Ballistol contains medically pure white oil base oil, as used in medicinal products. All effective additives and other ingredients of Ballistol are either pure vegetable natural products or derivatives thereof. Ballistol is therefore in the natural cycle completely biodegradable. Because of its purity could be enjoyed even Ballistol safely.

More information about Ballistol

A detailed description of the applications, properties and uses of Ballistol Ballistol can be found in the Ballistol Story.

Obtaining of Ballistol in the Ballistol-Shop.

Ballistol and all other products of the company are available at the Ballistol Shop in Meerbusch.under or in the  Ballistol Store in Meerbusch.

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