PTFE-Spray Teflon™ PTFE-Spray Teflon™

PTFE-Spray Teflon™

PTFE Spray - anti adhesive spray for dry lubrication.

PFTE Spray is an anti adhesive spray and a lubricant and for clean and dry lubrication. It is fit for permanent and also for temporary lubricating for all materials like metal, wood, rubber, plastics, etc. PTFE Spray contains no mineral oil and therefore PTFE is a clean protecting option to other lubes like mineral oil, silicone etc.

cleaning underlay padUse a suitable cleaning underlay pad. The impervious and material-saving felt pad from VFG and Ballistol is ideal for cleaning and maintenance.

Detailed Information about PTFE and the Teflon™ Story you will find in the PTFE product description. Teflon™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC used under license by F.W. Klever GmbH.