Black Powder Solvent
Black Powder Solvent

Black powder solvent black powder remover

You can easily make black powder solvent yourself using Ballistol Universal Oil. Mixing 1:1 Ballistol with water forms an emulsion that has an active cleaning effect. If you heat the emulsion to around 30 to 40 °C, the residues in black powder weapons will be dissolved even faster and more thoroughly.

This Ballistol emulsion removes residues from black powder charges such as soot, inorganic salts and acidic combustion residues. This Ballistol emulsion can be used to care for muzzle loaders, blank guns and signal guns.

To use it, you can place the weapon parts in the emulsion or work with a soaked cleaning brush. This means barrels, cartridge chambers, magazines, drums, cartridge ejectors, slides, etc. become clean again.

cleaning underlay padUse a suitable cleaning underlay pad. The impervious and material-saving felt pad from Ballistol is ideal for cleaning and maintenance.