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Waterproofing spray

Waterproofing spray

Ballistol is world-famous for universal products. The waterproofing spray can also be used universally for shoes, jackets, gloves, backpacks, tents, sails, convertible roofs and much more. In addition, our spray dries quickly and the protection lasts particularly long.

An impregnation spray must make surfaces water-repellent. The waterproofing layer should remain invisible and protect against moisture, UV radiation and dirt.

The treated surfaces stay clean significantly longer after spraying and look much better. The lifespan of the impregnated materials is extended.

Areas of application and possible applications of Ballistol universal impregnation

The use of Ballistol impregnation spray is successfully implemented in many areas. The list here is therefore only an example.

Waterproofing spray for shoes

Shoes last longest if they are dirt-repellent and water-repellent. If you use Ballistol waterproofing spray for shoes, you will get exactly this result. The waterproofing of the shoes is very effective and long-lasting. Different materials of the shoes don't matter. It is suitable for smooth leather, suede and artificial leather and even for textile shoes.

Particular Sneakers or Chucks are often made of different materials. Only a universal waterproofing spray can provide the necessary security. Ballistol does not reduce the breathability of the fabrics – this also applies to mesh, Gore-Tex and other functional materials.

Waterproofing spray for suede shoes

Our product is also suitable for suede. However, make sure that you follow our instructions when using it so that no stains occur.

Waterproofing spray for jackets and other clothing

Different materials in a garment are the rule rather than the exception. It is therefore recommended to use a universal waterproofing spray for jackets, trousers and other clothing. With Ballistol waterproofing spray you can, for example, waterproof the following:

  • Rain jacket, down jacket and winter jacket
  • Ski jacket and ski suits
  • Leather jacket, rain pants and functional clothing
  • Coats, anoraks and sweaters
  • Sportswear, hiking equipment, outdoor clothing
  • etc.

The typical oilskins such as the yellow raincoats and rubber boots are adequately protected by the material. You should not waterproof such materials. Such materials are more suitable for impregnation with silicone spray.

Waterproofing spray for convertible tops:

The waterproofing of the convertible top is not permanent and must be renewed at some point. You can do that yourself too. Ballistol waterproofing spray is just right to ensure that rain and dirt flow completely off the top. If you spray a clean roof two to three times, the impregnation will last a very long time. Allow the convertible top to dry for 12 hours between treatments. Also avoid intense sun rays.

Waterproofing spray for tents

When waterproofing tents and awnings, it is important to maintain the breathability of the fabric. Otherwise, clothing and sleeping bags will become damp from sweat. This is also the case in dry weather.

For small tents or awnings, a waterproofing spray is sufficient. However, if you want to waterproof large tents, the liquid waterproofing agent is much more suitable because it can be applied more quickly.

Waterproofing spray for awnings and parasols

Breathability is not an issue with awnings and parasols. The impregnation spray „only“ has the task of making the surface water-repellent and dirt-repellent. This is a very easy task for Ballistol waterproofing spray – for example, take a look at the video on this page. Here again, our liquid impregnation agent is preferable for large areas such as awnings. The liquid agent can be sprayed on, for example, with a hand sprayer or with a pressure cup gun.

An impressive comparison test with Ballistol waterproofing spray.

Use waterproofing spray correctly

Check material compatibility: Check whether the surface is suitable for an impregnation spray. For example, some manufacturers recommend using waxes or other products for dyed smooth leather. The manufacturer's information is also often different for artificial leather and suede.

It is best to use waterproofing spray outdoors or with the window open.

With these simple instructions you can create a perfect impregnation:

  • Clean the respective surface as recommended by the manufacturer and then allow it to dry.
  • Shake the can vigorously – about a minute.
  • Keep a distance of approximately 20 to 30 cm.
  • Start spraying next to the surface.
    With spray cans, it is unavoidable that a few drops are occasionally squeezed out at the start of the spraying process and are not completely finely atomized. If these droplets then land on sensitive surfaces such as suede, a stain will result. First spray outside and then direct the fine spray mist onto the desired surface without releasing it. If you still produce droplets, remove them immediately with a clean, absorbent cloth or kitchen paper. Just put the cloth on without rubbing. It's just supposed to suck.
  • In one go, apply the fine spray mist evenly over the surface so that it is sprayed thinly everywhere. Do not spray specifically or repeatedly on one area.
  • Allow the surface to dry for at least 45 minutes at room temperature.

Depending on the stress and time required, a repetition may be recommended. If, for example, you have first cleaned your awning or car top extensively and you want the impregnation to last for a very long time, you can repeat the process after it has completely dried.

Coverage of Ballistol waterproofing spray

For 1 m² you need around 200 ml of waterproofing spray. The large 500 ml can is therefore enough for approx. 2.5 m².

Be careful with special waterproofing sprays

The ingredients are crucial. Some waterproofing sprays from discounters or drugstores do not use universally applicable ingredients. In addition, the information about what the spray is not suitable for can sometimes only be found in the small print on the can. If you then have stains, for example on an artificial leather shoe, it is too late.

How does Ballistol waterproofing spray work?

Ballistol universal impregnation coats every single fiber of the fabric and forms an invisible, breathable, UV and temperature-stable protective layer. Water drops and dirt can no longer adhere.

Pluvonin waterproofing spray

If you were looking for „Pluvonin“: you found it! The product name Pluvonin has no longer been used since 2022 and is no longer printed on the labels. But the product has not changed. „Pluvonin from Ballistol“ is now „Ballistol waterproofing spray“.

Why is Ballistol the best waterproofing spray?

Above all, the high material compatibility and the long-lasting impregnation effect combined with the very fast drying time make Ballistol impregnation spray the preferred product. Another advantage of the quick drying is that the impregnated things are ready for use again much faster than with other sprays.

The universal impregnation impresses with the latest technology without the use of nanoparticles. Dirt from coffee, tea, red wine, cola, etc. simply rolls off.

Clothing, shoes, bags, tents, convertible roofs and everything else that is exposed to the weather outdoors is covered with a water-repellent coating and remains protected by being impregnated with the water-repellent spray.

It is suitable for all materials — these are, for example:

  • Leather, faux leather and suede
  • Textiles and natural fibers
  • Synthetic fibers such as polyester and functional fabrics such as Goretex or other brands

Free from PFAS

Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of chemical compounds found in many everyday products and are often referred to as „forever chemicals“ because of their long-lasting properties. Their resistance to decomposition in the environment and in the human body has led to growing concern about their potential impact on health and the ecosystem. Ballistol waterproofing spray completely avoids the use of PFAS.

Ingredients: Alcohol or water as a carrier substance

In addition to the propellant in a spray, an impregnation agent primarily consists of the active ingredient and the carrier substance. The active ingredient particles are distributed in this substance. The active ingredient can therefore only enclose the fiber in a protective manner if the carrier substance is absorbed into the fabric together with the active ingredient. Water as a carrier substance is at a disadvantage compared to a technical alcohol. Water has a high surface tension and is therefore much more difficult to absorb than alcohol. This effect is particularly serious in functional fabrics that are produced to be particularly water-repellent. Due to its low surface tension, the alcohol simply takes the active ingredient into the fabric and then evaporates. Therefore, an impregnation spray with an alcohol carrier can also be easily used on dry textiles and no follow-up treatments are necessary. Ballistol waterproofing spray therefore has a carrier substance based on alcohol.


  • 200 ml spray — enough for about 1 m²
  • 500 ml spray — enough for about 1 m²
  • Here you will find the liquid waterproofing agent in a 5 liter canister.

Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

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