Ballistol Universal oil fluid 50 ml

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Ballistol Universal oil fluid 50 ml

Ballistol Oil 50 ml

The small 50 ml bottle is ideal for every household and for the first test of Ballistol oil or for on the go in your handbag, in the car or on the bike etc.

As a liquid container, Ballistol oil can be used for a variety of applications. Whether for application with a brush or applicator or for transferring into oilers and dispensers.

Information about Ballistol oil and processing

As fluid Ballistol Oil is even more versatile applicable than a spray can. Whether to apply with a brush or for decant into an oiler. Fluid containers you get from 50 ml to 200 liter. To atomize Ballistol oil we offer a special hand sprayer which, thanks to a special pump mechanism, is even able to atomize Ballistol undiluted almost as finely as a spray can.

This is what distinguishes Ballistol from other oils

The properties of Ballistol

Ballistol Universal Oil is one of the few alkaline oils. As an alkaline oil and spray, Ballistol Universal Oil is highly effective, universal and environmentally friendly. Ballistol nourishes, cleans, lubricates, disinfects, protects against rust, creeps into the finest corners and capillary cracks, does not become resinous even after years, is completely biodegradable, food-safe and skin-friendly. Due to its composition, Ballistol cannot gum up and is skin-friendly thanks to its pharmaceutically pure ingredients and is also approved for parts in contact with products in the food industry. Ballistol does not age and dissolves residues such as resins from unsuitable oils. No other oil is as versatile.

Ballistol oil and environmental protection

All active ingredients contained in Ballistol are of purely biological origin. The base oil is medically pure white oil. Ballistol is food-safe, skin-friendly and contains no substances of animal origin. Ballistol is resistant to aging and does not become resinous even after years. All components of Ballistol are biodegradable and harmless to our environment. Read more about Ballistol and environment here. Ballistol is the special oil for environmentally conscious people and is unbeatable in its versatility.

What is Ballistol used for?

The areas of application for Ballistol mentioned here are only brief descriptions of a small selection of possibilities. In the Ballistol Story you will find, in addition to other areas of application, reports from customers from the past decades.

Ballistol is used in a variety of ways in the following areas:


  • Ballistol oil for cars and motorcycles:
    Ballistol protects chrome parts, rims and door locks or steering wheel locks. A spritz of Ballistol into the lock will prevent it from freezing in the winter. In summer, a touch of Ballistol on the front of the radiator is enough and the insect fog can be easily wiped off after the journey. Ballistol also prevents door rubbers from freezing in winter. With a little Ballistol in the rinse water, matt paints and plastics will shine again. Ballistol is proven in engine preservation, for current models as well as for classic cars. Pistons and cylinders remain blank when stored with Ballistol. Thanks to its properties as a rust remover and rust protector, Ballistol is also ideal for restoring all types of vehicles.
  • Ballistol for bike care:
    Ballistol can be used from the handlebars to the pedals. It lubricates and cleans ball bearings and sprockets, loosens stuck connections, serves as a contact oil or contact spray and creeps into even the tightest corners. Ballistol universal oil protects leather saddle and tool bag. Brittle leather is regenerated, made supple and impregnated against snow and rain. Ballistol also lubricates and cleans all other moving parts, such as chains, sprockets, pedal joints, clipless pedals, suspension forks, wheel hubs, Bowden cables, etc. Ballistol also provides effective rust protection.

    After treatment with Ballistol, aluminum and chrome parts shine like new again. Ballistol also removes resinous and unsuitable oils and is ideal for cleaning dirty parts. Here you will find all bicycle care products.

  • Ballistol on board boats and ships:
    Ballistol is very popular with skippers because it can be used for countless purposes on board without requiring much space. You can find out what skipper Robert Reichmann recommends and what Ballistol can do on board in the description of our particularly affordable Ballistol skipper kit.

Home, garden & hobbies

  • Ballistol oil for DIY enthusiasts, industry and crafts:
    Ballistol oil is suitable for the care of machines and devices such as circular saws, planing machines, drilling machines, lathes, production systems and filling systems. Due to its pharmaceutical quality, Ballistol is ideal for the food processing sector. The universal oil is often used for the care and preservation of tools and instruments as well as precision mechanical devices. But Ballistol is also suitable for loosening rusted screws or neutralizing hand sweat on sensitive metal surfaces. This prevents so-called fingerprints on metal surfaces. In the beverage industry, Ballistol is used to maintain and preserve filling systems and sealing machines. Of course Ballistol is harmless within the meaning of the food law.

  • Ballistol in the household:
    Ballistol helps against bulky door locks, squeaky door hinges and stiff window hinges. Ballistol cares for and preserves razors, sewing machines and bicycles and is ideal for ski and snowboard bindings and edges during transport or storage. Doors and cabinets made of natural wood regain their original shine with Ballistol. Stove tops, stainless steel surfaces or unsealed wooden floors, everything shines in new splendor. Also read the 5 tips for Ballistol in the kitchen.
  • Ballistol in the garden:
    Ballistol universal oil is ideal for the care and maintenance of garden tools such as lawnmowers, scissors, hose carts, pumps, etc. Spades, rakes and forks also remain shiny and do not rust. The same applies to power tillers, tillers and hedge trimmers. Ballistol is completely biodegradable and therefore completely harmless to the environment.

    If you use devices with combustion engines in the garden, such as lawn mowers or chainsaws, you can save on shipping costs by ordering our starting fluid directly. You can impregnate tents and all other textiles, whether synthetic fiber or natural fiber, with our waterproofing spray.

  • Ballistol in fishing:
    Ballistol oil preserves hooks, fly hooks, bait needles, spring steel wire and leaders. With Ballistol, castors remain mobile and telescopic fishing rods remain functional. All sliding connections remain smooth and the telescopic rods can also be pushed together again effortlessly. What disturbs the peace and quiet most when fishing? You can effectively keep annoying insects away with our Tropical Ballistol Sting-Free.
  • Ballistol as gun oil:
    Ballistol is suitable for cleaning, care and preservation of hunting weapons, sporting weapons and utility weapons of all kinds. It protects against rust, lubricates, cleans and removes powder residue, lead, copper deposits and tombak residue. Ballistol crawls into the finest cracks and dissolves old dirt and resins from unsuitable oils. It neutralizes acidic combustion residues and eliminates bullet smears. Ballistol keeps the entire mechanism slippery and, thanks to its properties as a wood care product and leather care product, is also suitable for the care of wooden shafts and leather straps. Here you will find all products for gun care.

People & Animals

  • Ballistol Oil for Skin Care and Animal Care:
    Ballistol is skin-friendly, cares for skin and fur and is completely harmless if accidentally ingested. It has a disinfectant effect on wounds and promotes healing. Wound care was one of the three most important features when Ballistol was developed. In animals, Ballistol is particularly suitable for cleaning and caring for the fur, outer ear, tail, mane and hooves. Here you will find other products for body care, from massage oil to tropical insect repellent to nail care. Here you will find our animal care products.


  • Ballistol in leather care:
    Ballistol makes brittle and dry leather soft and elastic again and protects against drying out, water and rot and gives a satin shine. Residues of tannic acid in the leather are neutralized. Ideal for boots, saddles and bridles. Proven on motorcycle leather clothing, leather jackets and smooth leather coats. Brittle leather gloves become soft and supple again. Attention: not for suede, light leather may darken. The typical smell of Ballistol disappears in a very short time. The leather does not become greasy. You can find more leather care products here.
  • Ballistol and metal:
    Ballistol is used in a variety of ways in machine and tool manufacturing, in the production of precision devices and scales. Ballistol forms an alkaline protective film on metals, neutralizes hand sweat and other acidic rust-promoting residues and thus protects against corrosion. Due to its low surface tension and enormous creeping ability, Ballistol reaches even the narrowest angles and finest cracks in metal. Ballistol is ideal for maintaining precision and measuring devices, scales and fine parts. Here you will find further products for metal care.
  • Ballistol and wood:
    Ballistol protects, preserves and regenerates natural wood. It deepens the grain, protects against moisture and rot as well as insect infestation. Ballistol Universal Oil is therefore ideal for caring for furniture and antique furniture. Doors and cabinets made of natural wood regain their original shine with Ballistol. You can find more products for wood care here.
  • Ballistol and plastic:
    Ballistol cares for and protects oil-resistant plastics, keeps them elastic and protects them from drying out and becoming brittle. It also prevents door rubbers on motor vehicles from freezing. Plastic surfaces shine like new again without any need for greasing. Here you will find further products for plastic care.

Further Informationen about Ballistol

You can get liquid containers from 50 ml to 200 liters. In addition to the liquid oils, we also offer Ballistol spray as a spray oil. You also get Ballistol oil in a set with professional oilers and atomizers, which can completely replace the spray cans with propellant gas. The special hand sprayer Pro, for example, can atomize Ballistol oil undiluted almost as finely as a spray can thanks to a special pump mechanism. The universal oil is also available in the popular Ballistol wipes as well as in the small spot oiler or the large Ballistol care stick.

Ballistol univeral oils sizes Container Item number EAN
25 ml spray Aerosol 21820 4017777218206
50 ml spray Aerosol 21450 4017777214505
200 ml spray Aerosol 21700 4017777217001
Varioflex 350 ml spray Aerosol 21727 4017777217278
400 ml spray Aerosol 21810 4017777218107
50 ml oil Glas bottle 21000 4017777210002
100 ml oil Dropper bottle 21025 4017777210255
500 ml oil Tin 21150 4017777211504
5 liter Canister 21160 4017777211603
10 liter Canister 21170 4017777211702
50 liter Drum 21180 4017777211801
200 liter Drum 21190 4017777211900
15 ml oil Fine point oiler 21360 4017777213607
30 ml oil Care pen 21370 2000000213705
Care wipes Sachets 21900 4017777219005

Here you can find the varieties:

Further InformationFurther Information

History of BallistolThe history of Ballistol oil is an exciting story that begins in 1874 and resulted in a competition of the Imperial Army to the still successful formula of Ballistol Oil. We also show you in this short story the brand development in the past 120 years.

Ballistol-StoryIn the Ballistol-Story you will find a table of the application areas of Ballistol - differentiated by materials. In addition, you will find details on durability, ecological aspects, toxicological test results and much more.

Ecological aspectsEcological aspects to Ballistol oil
Learn more about the ingredients and the environmental performance of Ballistol.

OilerOiler and dispenser for economical and targeted application of Ballistol and as an alternative to spray cans.

All sets with Ballistol Universal oil fluid 50 ml

Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

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