Garage Oil
Garage Oil

Garage oil

Ballistol garage oil is a real multi tool. It lubricates, looses rust, conserves, protects from corrosion and much more. Ballistol garage oil is available as spray and fluid.

The garage oil for rust proofing is an actively gliding oil, i.e. it penetrates even the tiniest fissures and reaches the remotest corners. It displaces water from metal surfaces, creeps under moisture, does not either resinify or become sticky. Ballistol garege oil is free from silicones.


Ballistol Usta – under this name, the popular oil was offered for many decades. The Ballistol Usta oil has been offered since a few years under the name garage oil. The name Usta will gradually disappear. This is to make the Ballistol oils easier to distinguish. „Usta“ has become „Garage“ – so nothing has changed except the label. You will continue to receive your usual Ballistol Usta oil.