Garage oil spray 200 ml + aerosol extension 60 cm

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Garage oil spray 200 ml + aerosol extension 60 cm

200 ml multi garage oil + 60 cm long extension

With this bundle you get 200 ml garage oil and and a 60 cm aerosol extension to reach deep hidden places.

Description of the extension

With this aerosol extension you can reach deep hidden places. It is perfect for Ballistol spray e.g. and for our starting fluid to inject it deep into the air filter box and also for the maintenance of rifle barrels.

At the output end the aerosol extension has a small disturb attachment which radiates the medium in all directions. This allows for example to moisten pipes inside completely wetted. If you prefer to spray targeted, you can remove the small inlay and replace if required.

The principle oft the removable inlay:

Principle oft the aerosol extension

Specifications of the aerosol extension

  • Diameter: 5 mm
  • Length: 600 mm

Here you find the aerosol extension separate and in further bundles.

garage oil

Description of garage oil

Detailed information you find under garage oil.

It keeps surfaces smooth, creeps into the smallest of gaps and cavities, removes water from metal surfaces, acts against damp, and neither gums nor sticks. It offers reliable and non perishable rust protection. Everything works as new and is protected and maintained. It is an actively gliding oil, i.e. it penetrates even the tiniest fissures and reaches the remotest corners. It displaces water from metal surfaces, creeps under moisture, does not either resinify or become sticky. Multi oil from Ballistol is free from silicone.

Weitere InformationenFurther Information

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Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

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