Oil binder

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Oil binder

Oil binder

If oil hasn't gone where you want it to, use our oil binding agent to bind the escaping oil quickly. Absorbin absorbs oil and other chemicals quickly, for example if something goes wrong when changing the oil. With the oil binder, you not only ensure good occupational safety in the commercial environment. In the private sphere, too, an oil binding agent is a good preventive measure and helps to keep the floor clean, avoid the risk of slipping and spread ugly stains even further in the event of minor accidents.

Examples of spilled contaminants that the oil absorbent can absorb:

  • All Ballistol oils
  • Engine oil
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Transmission oil
  • Diesel
  • Petrol
  • Lubricants
  • fuel oil
  • Acid

Thanks to its extreme absorbency, Absorbin ensures safe and rapid absorption. What our oil binding agent has once absorbed is no longer released, even under great pressure.

These properties make Absorbin oil binder perfect for many areas in the house, yard and workshop:

  • Basement, cellar
  • Hobby room
  • Workshop
  • Street
  • courtyard pavement
  • Garage floors

The oil binder is also suitable for tiled and plastic floors. After using Absorbin, the subsurface is non-slip again.

In the event of a traffic accident, the oil binding agent is an ideal emergency precaution, if, for example, a trace of oil or a puddle of oil can be spread through a ruptured oil pan before the fire brigade or police arrive.

Tip: The oil binding agent is also ideal for the dry cleaning of oily devices and objects.

Further properties of the oil binder at a glance

  • Environmentally friendly – Prevents soil and groundwater pollution by immediately absorbing pollutants and is absolutely harmless to humans, animals and the environment.
  • Absorbin is extremely non-slip and step-resistant, spreadable, does not stick and does not smear.
  • This is the original product, which is used as a non-flammable binding agent by the police and fire brigade.
  • The oil binder acts quickly and reliably and immediately binds all liquids inside the granulate.
  • Even liquids that have penetrated a concrete floor are sucked up.
  • The oil binding agent is state-tested and has met the strict test criteria of the Materials Testing Institute (MPP) NRW. It is approved as a type III R oil binder and it meets the requirements for chemical binders according to the Federal Environment Agency March 2001.
  • Absorbin is a multifunctional product. It can also be used as an odor binder, plant granulate and anti-slip agent.

Other functions of Absorbin Oil Binding Agent

  • The oil binder also acts as an odor binder. Simply sprinkle in bad-smelling substances, odors are no longer released.
  • Absorbin can even be used as a plant granule and moisture stabilizer. E.g. in flower boxes: simply pour the granules onto the bottom of the flower box and fill with potting soil. Depending on the water needs of the plants, water is bound or released.

Instructions for use Absorbin Oil Binding Agent

Use of oil bindiung agent
  1. Sprinkle oil binder on affected areas
  2. let it take effect
  3. sweep up
  4. dispose of
Dispose of oil binder

Please note that a binder is classified according to the absorption of pollutants or hazardous substances in the same way as the liquid absorbed. The oil binding agent must be disposed of accordingly. The local disposal companies will answer any questions you may have.

The exposure time depends on the liquid to be absorbed and possibly on other conditions such as temperatures. If there are any residues, use fresh oil binding agent.

Note: When flammable liquids have been absorbed by a binder, the flash point of the chemical in the binder will be lower than the flash point of the liquid itself. This is natural because the surface area is increased compared to the pure liquid. So be careful with saturated oil binding agent and pay attention to fire protection.

1 kg Absorbin-V absorbs approx. 0.9 liters of oil or 1.5 liters of chemicals such as hydrochloric acid or battery acid.

Here you can download the manual of the oil binder.

Products for minor "accidents" with oil and chemicals.

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