Barrel cleaner
Barrel cleaner

Barrel cleaner

Proven Barrel Cleaners for long guns and short guns.

Ballistol gun oilThe first task of barrel cleaners is to dissolve residues from tombac and other stubborn residues. Ballistol oil possesses this ability, but must interact and thus requires more time than aggressive agents and depending on the condition of the weapon possibly a reapplication.

Robla Solo Mil barrel cleanerA very effective barrel cleaner is Robla Solo Mil. The potency of the agent ensures its effectiveness but it can also attack brownings. Robla Solo Mil behaves neutral to steel, nickel and chromium and does not attack the metals.

Black-Powder SolventFor cleaning of black powder weapons, we offer Robla black powder solvent, which is beside to clean barrels also able to clean cartridge ejection systems and the cartridge feeds of black powder weapons.

Tows for barrel cleaningNot least here you get the classic tows to clean barrels. Sucol is the flax brown cleaning tow for shot barrels and Sucolin the white silk tow for ball barrels.

Mechanically barrel cleaner like cleaning rods, patches, brushes etc.In addition there is the assortment of cleaning rods, brushes, etc.

cleaning underlay padUse a suitable cleaning underlay pad. The impervious and material-saving felt pad is ideal for cleaning and maintenance.