Silencer Cleaner

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Silencer Cleaner

Silencer cleaner

The silencer cleaner from Ballistol dissolves and neutralizes combustion residues automatically. Silencers are particularly difficult to clean if they can not be dismantled. Although carbon silencers with narrow sections on fins and small holes improve the performance of the silencer, the silencer cleaning is much more difficult ‐ been! With the Ballistol silencer cleaner, the residues in the dirty silencer can be easily loosened and rinsed out.

Ballistol silencer cleaner application

The application of the silencer cleaner is quite simple, as it works on its own and mainly takes some time to apply and dissolve the dirt.

Dismountable silencers

Dismountable silencers and silencers that can not be closed are plunge into the silencer cleaner. With normal soiling, the residues in the silencer are released after approx. 2 hours. Then you can use a brush and water to rinse out the dissolved dirt.

The silencer cleaner is also suitable for an ultrasonic bath.

Non-dismountable silencers

Non-dismountable silencers should be closed on one side. For this purpose, e.g. conical gun plugs are suitable. As soon as the silencer is closed, simply fill up completely with the silencer cleaner.

With normal soiling, the residues are dissolved after about two hours. Drain the cleaner and fill the silencer halfway with water. Close the opening and shake vigorously.

After cleaning, we recommend a gun oil for preserving the silencer surface.

For more intensive soiling, the effect can be increased if the cleaner is heated to 40 °C before use and the exposure time is increased from four to eight hours.

If there is extreme contamination or several hundred shots have been fired with the silencer, the exposure time can also be increased to 24 hours.

Further properties of the silencer cleaner

The silencer cleaner is acid-free, odorless and gentle on materials. Because of the many different materials and surfaces, we recommend testing every cleaner in an inconspicuous place for compatibility.

Color indicator for successful cleaning

As soon as dirt dissolves and neutralises in the silencer, the silencer cleaner indicates this by changing the color.

Common materials are not attacked.

Technical characteristics

  • Appearance: colourless, clear
  • Odor: characteristic orange scent
  • pH value: 8
  • Relative density: 1.05 g/cm³ at 20 °C & 1013mbar
  • Solubility in water: miscible

Ballistol silencer cleaner is a very good carbon cleaner

The cleaner also removes soot and is therefore also suitable as a carbon cleaner. Perfect for cleaning gas-operated firearms and AR-15.

Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

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    • SchneAnt wrote on 27.08.2020
    • Super Mittel funktioniert klasse

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    • die Reinigungswirkung entspricht zu 100% dem was man erwarten kann – sehr zu empfehlen
    • Sehr gutes Produkt wrote on 29.12.2022
    • Ballistol Silencer Cleaner ist bei vorschriftsmäßiger Anwendung ein sehr effektives … read more
    • SchneAnt wrote on 27.08.2020
    • Super Mittel funktioniert klasse

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