Manual Gun Cleaning
Manual Gun Cleaning

Manual weapon cleaning

Chemical, liquid or pasty cleaning agents alone are not enough to thoroughly clean a weapon. The tools for using chemical barrel cleaners are necessary and useful.

The ideal tools for Ballistol weapon care are manual cleaning aids such as weeds or cleaning felts. The liquid cleaning agents are applied to these tows, patches, felts, etc. and transported into the narrowest areas with the necessary pressure depending on the degree of contamination. This means that the cleaning agents can be used effectively, particularly economically and at the same time most effectively.

Cleaning rods and brushes

The Ballistol interchangeable handle has ball bearings. This means that the cleaning tools follow the grooves and lands and clean there very thoroughly. To clean all brushes and cleaning tools, we recommend our parts cleaner.

Caliber table

Find the right product for your caliber quickly

So that you can quickly and easily select the right products for your caliber, here you will find a size table for the calibers for cleaning rods, felts, felt holders, cleaning brushes, etc.