Carbon Cleaning Rod for handgun

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    • Handgun-Rod Ø 5 mm with handle
    • 52,95 EUR*
    • Product No.: SET23275
    • Handgun-Rod Ø 7 mm with handle
    • 59,50 EUR*
    • Product No.: SET23276
    • Handgun-Rod Ø 5 mm without handle
    • 42,90 EUR*
    • Product No.: 23272 / EAN: 4017777232721
    • Handgun-Rod Ø 7 mm without handle
    • 49,90 EUR*
    • Product No.: 23273 / EAN: 4017777232738
    • Complete kit: Rod Ø 5 mm + Rod Ø 7 mm + Handle
    • 99,95 EUR*
    • Product No.: SET23274
    • Handle for Ballistol cleaning-rods
    • 11,99 EUR*
    • Product No.: 23254 / EAN: 4017777232547
    • Felt adapter for 3 cleaning felts
    • 4,99 EUR*
    • Product No.: 23256 / EAN: 4017777232561

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Carbon Cleaning Rod for handgun

Carbon cleaning rod for handguns

Not without reason: Ballistol gives lifelong manufacturer warranty on its carbon cleaning rods. Carbon is extremely durable and, unlike steel or brass, can not scratch or otherwise damage the bore or muzzle.

Since the handle of the carbon cleaning rods is removable, it is enough, if you buy one handle. The handle is equipped with two ball bearings, so that when used for rifle the attached cleaning tools can follow the grooves and lands. As a cleaning tool we recommend the Ballistol felt cleaner with the matching felt holder. The felt holder can be ordered above under the variants as an accessory. The felt holder is not included in the scope of delivery, as not all customers require the felt holder.

  • The handgun cleaning rod Ø 5 mm has a 1/8" external thread and is suitable for calibers from 5.5 mm
  • The handgun cleaning rod Ø 7 mm has an M5 internal thread and is suitable for calibers from 7.5 mm

Wiping length without handle 25 cm.

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