Cylinder Cleaning Felts

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    • Classic - Caliber .357 / .38 / 9mm - 60 pieces
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    • Special - Caliber .357 / .38 / 9mm - 60 pieces
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    • Classic - Caliber .44 / .45 - 60 pieces
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    • Special - Caliber .44 / .45 - 60 pieces
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Cylinder Cleaning Felts

Cylinder Cleaning Felts

The Weapon cleaning felts are also available for cleaning revolver cylinder. Like all felt cleaners from Ballistol, the cylinder cleaning felts are made of pure sheep wool. They are particularly absorbent, but give the barrel cleaner or the gun oil when pushing through the revolver cylinder to the steel.

The cylinder cleaning felts are individually optimized for each caliber. The cylinder cleaning felts are dimensioned so, that after attaching to the felt holder, a small plus tolerance to the actual caliber accure. Thus, the cylinder cleaning felts press perfectly against the steel walls of the cylinder and take away any residue.

Also the cylinder cleaning felts are available in two varieties.

Classic cylinder cleaning felts for normal soiling

The classic felt cleaners are made of compressed felt made of pure sheep wool and provide very strong cleaning performance. Together with barrel cleaner or gun oil you squeeze through the bottlenecks and take away any dirt. The special surface structure of the wool felts makes it possible to hold any small particles of dirt.

Special cylinder cleaning felts for particularly stubborn dirt

With the special cylinder cleaning felts, fine measuring fibers are woven into the wool felt. Therefore the cylinder cleaning felts gets the additional properties of a wire brush for barrel cleaning. The absorbency and the ability to hold loose dirt are retained.

All cylinder cleaning felts fit on the Ballistol felt holder and thus on the ballistol cleaning rod for handguns. If you already own a cleaning rod from other manufacturers, you can also use the felt holder on your cleaning rod with a cleaning rod adapter.

  • Classic: for normal soiling
  • Special: for heavy soiling

Here are the felt cleaners for gun barrels.

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