Special-Cleaning Felts for shotguns

Special-Cleaning Felts for shotguns

Special felt cleaner for shotguns

The special shotgun cleaning felts are made of pure wool felt. In addition, brass fibers are incorporated into the felts. Special felt cleaners have been specially designed for the intensive cleaning of heavily soiled gun barrels. Special shotgun cleaning felts are suitable for the intensive cleaning of heavily soiled shotgun barrels. The special shotgun cleaning felts for stubborn residues are individually optimized for each caliber. By attaching it to the felt holder, the special shotgun felt cleaner is slightly stretched. As a result, the very firm but somewhat flexible felt material is slightly larger than the respective caliber. This small plus tolerance ensures that the special shotgun felt cleaner presses firmly against the ungrooved barrel of the shotgun. The felt cleaners made of pure sheep wool are enormously absorbent. Gun oil and barrel cleaner are soaked up by the special shotgun felt cleaners and evenly apply as they pass through the barrel.

Why brass fibers in felt cleaners

By adding fine, robust fibers into the pure wool felt, the felt cleaner obtains the additional capabilities of a wire brush for barrel cleaning. The absorbency and the ability to hold loose dirt are retained.

The cleaning felts can be used with the felt holder on any Ballistol cleaning rod and on most other cleaning rods. With the Ballistol cleaning rod adapters, the cleaning felts can also be used on the cleaning rods of all other manufacturers.

Here you will find shotgun felt cleaner for normal soiling.

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