Quick Cleaning Felts for Airgun

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    • .17 / 4 mm / 4,5 mm - 60 pieces
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    • .22 / 5,5mm / 5,56mm - 60 pieces
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    • .25 / 6,35mm - 60 pieces
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    • .17 / 4 mm / 4,5 mm - 300 pieces
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Quick Cleaning Felts for Airgun

Felt cleaning plugs for air guns and small caliber

The felt-cleaning plugs of caliber 4.5 to 6.35 mm are simply soaked with gun oil or barrel cleaner and then shot like a projectile through the barrel. The easiest way to clean and care for gun barrels.

Also the felt cleaning plugs are made of 100 percent sheep wool in Germany. The cleaning plugs are optimized for each caliber with a small plus tolerance made. The solid and absorbent felt plugs are slightly elastic and press ideal to the gun barrel. All residues are transported out during the shot. Another shot with a cleaning plug, which you previously impregnated with gun oil, completes the fast gun care.

Here you will find felt cleaner for use with a cleaning rod.

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