Carbon Cleaning Rod for Airgun and sub caliber

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    • Sub Caliber Rod with handle
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    • Sub Caliber Rod without handle
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    • Changeable handle for Ballistol cleaning rods
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    • Felt adapter for sub caliber-felts
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Carbon Cleaning Rod for Airgun and sub caliber

Ballistol Carbon Cleanig Rod for airgun and sub caliber

To clean an air rifle is useful. If and how thorough and often air guns should be cleaned, is discussed repeatedly with different views. It is clear that uncleaned air rifles lose precision and the scattering circle is getting bigger. Professionals use only regularly cleaned air rifles for competitions. A good air rifle cleaning rod with the matching cleaning attachments is the best condition for the optimization of the shot precision by good weapon care. The carbon cleaning rod by Ballistol is extremely robust and light as a feather. For the cleaning rod Made in Germany, the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty. The high-tech carbon material can not damage the weapon. So it is the safest solution for a modern cleaning rod.

The handle of the Ballistol cleaning rods are ball-bearing and only needs to be bought once. Because the handle is not glued to the cleaning rod, but is screwed on and can be used at any time to another carbon cleaning rod. This saves money and space. As a cleaning tool we recommend the Ballistol felt cleaner with the matching felt holder.

Wiping length without handle 93 cm.

Here you will find the carbon cleaning rod for caliber 5.5 mm up.

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