Weapons Cleaning Set

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Weapons Cleaning Set

Weapons Cleaning Set from Ballistol

The Ballistol Weapon Cleaning Kit contains all the basic equipment or initial equipment for thorough cleaning of weapons.

The Weapon Cleaning Kit includes:

  • Ballistol universal oil spray 100 ml
  • Barrel cleaner Robla Solo Mil 65 ml
  • GunCer ceramic gun grease 10 g
  • GunCer ceramic gun oil 7 ml
  • One Ballistol point oiler
  • Ballistol weapon cleaning instruments with a total of four tool tips
  • 5 pieces Ballistol wipes, rich soaked
  • Double-sided gun cleaning brush with nylon bristles
  • Weapon care cloth
  • Ballistolstory
  • Gun Care Breviary
  • Transparent zipped pocket

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