Oilers & Dispensers
Oilers & Dispensers

Oilers and Dispensers

Oilers and Dispensers from precision Oil Pen to professionally industrial oilers with atomizer nozzles as an environmentally alternative to spray cans

The use of oil is a responsible task that has an effect on the environment and resources, at the costs and results as well as the appearance of the surface. Therefore, the work with oil should be done only with the best tools. Dosing, decant, atomize and applying of oils specifically to the smallest constrictions are the tasks for our Oilers and Dispensers.

Oil pens

Oil-PenThe Precision Oil Pen of aluminum apply smallest quantities of oil dropwise and is especially suited for precision engineers, doctors, model builders and all those who want to lubricate precisely and cleanly. This oiler is also popular as Nail Oil Pen and the appropriate nail oil is available directly to it.

The big Universal-Care-Pen

Care-PenSpecially designed for the care, lubrication, cleaning and protection of medium-sized surfaces, this care pen dispense in contrast to the other models no single drop but produced in one step directly a thin film of oil.

Ballistol Fine Point Oiler

Point oilerThe point oiler is the "little brother" of the Big Universal-Care-Pen but produces finer uniform oil films. The fine point oiler is everywhere helpful where excess oil disturbs.

Ballistol Hand Atomizer

Hand AtomizerThe Ballistol hand atomizer for fluid oils is a convenient and environmentally friendly sprayer. With the atomizer, you can atomize Ballistol or other oils almost as finely as with the traditional spray can. A special pump mechanic makes it possible.

Professional Oilers from Pressol

Pressol ÍlerThe high end oilers from Pressol are ideal suited for our oils. The oilers wit atomizer are besides an environmentally alternative to spray cans with propellant gas. Furthermore you get the whole accessories &desh; from spout with applicator brush until flexible spots.