Gun Oil
Gun Oil

Gun Oil

When a gun-oil should be used universally, it has to meet many requirements. For example, the viscosity and surface tension must be suitable to allow the gun-oil the necessary creep property. At the same time it must have preservative properties, to protect the gun against corrosion. Therefore a gun oil must never become resinous, etc. It needs a lot of experience to make a good gun oil, which meets all requirements. By the way: Ballistol is the inventor of gun-oil with over 120 years of experience.

Gun Oils

Gun Oil from Ballistol

All oils that we offer in this department are suitable for gun care. They include both specialized oils and universal oils. Ballistol universal oil based on medically pure white mineral oil is known for more than 1000 applications from personal care to environmentally friendly pest control and since over 120 years also as gun oil.

Gunex Weapon oil

Gunex is the gun oil which based on mineral. Gunex is as been awarded several times for its anticorrosive properties and is the ideal oil for gun care due to its characteristics. It is, for example, be perfect for long-term preservation of bare metallic parts – even under extreme conditions (-50°C to 100°C). Gunex Gun Oil removes powder and tombac residues, keeps the entire mechanism for rifles, pistols and revolvers smooth, cares and protects. Resins of unsuitable oils are dissolved. Gunex gun oil infiltrated moisture, creeps into hairline cracks, cleans and maintains the entire mechanism without sticking or gumming.

Silicone oil weapon

Ballistol Silicone Gun Oil is ideal for parts made of rubber, plastic and metal. The silicone oil protects and lubricates and by the high surface adhesion, the oil film remains long time without sticking. Silicone gun oil from Ballistol is also used for maintenance of CO2 guns and airsoft guns. Plastics regain their natural appearance and are protected from drying out and embrittlement. The silicone gun oil prevents trouble when reloading, accelerated airsoft bullets, preserves the elasticity of plastic parts and is reliable at low temperatures. Incidentally, there is the silicone oil also as silicone spray.

Ceramic weapons Oil

GunCer gun oil with ceramic additives is a special high-tech gun oil which has been developed especially for snipers, hunters and Law Enforcement. GunCer is suitable for all long guns and handguns. The ceramic particles optimize the functional performance and shooting accuracy of the gun and reduce wear considerably. The high-tech ceramic additive accumulates in the surface roughness of the metal, thus ensuring a perfectly smooth surface structure. Especially for smaller calibers and weak ammunition, roughness can even lead to stoppages. In other munitions roughness lead "only" to effects for the precision or accuracy. GunCer also provides excellent corrosion protection and temperature resistance up to 1000°C.

More products for gun care

Gun Grease

Sometimes you need a semi-solid mass with excellent lubricating properties for gun care. For these cases, you will find our Gun Grease here.

Oil for stock care

Also the high-quality oils for care of wooden gun stocks appertains to the weapons oils. Here you find all gun stock oils at a glance.