Ballistol Oil & Spray
Ballistol Oil & Spray

Ballistol Universal Oil and Spray for more than 1000 purposes

Ballistol Spray cares, lubricates, disinfects, does not resinify, protects from rust, creeps into finest fissures, is food safe, environmentally, and skin-friendly.

Ballistol Universal Oil is available as spray, fluid, in point oilers or in rich soaked tissues.

Ballistol Oil is one of the rarely alkaline oil. As an alkaline Oil Ballistol is high effective, universal, environment-friendly and acts disinfectant. Furthermore Ballistol is a proven penetrating oil and an agent for rust protection. Ballistol does not resinify even in decades and it is durable practical unlimited. Besides Ballistol is complete biodegradable, food safe and skin-friendly. Ballistol is well suited for more than 1000 purposes in household, workshop, garden, car, bike, wood care, leather care, industry, for anglers, hunters, sport shooters etc.

Ballistol as Spray

Ballistol Spray is natural and also contains compressed air as a propellant to reduce the impact on the environment. Ballistol is also available liquid and in a set with professional oilers and atomizers as an alternative to spray cans. Even if the oil in the can lasts for decades, the same cannot be said for the pressure in the spray can. As with all sprays, this will wear off eventually. The oil is still good. A very special variant of the spray is Ballistol Varioflex. The spray tube can be adjusted in all directions. The special spray head can also be used to set either a jet or an atomization.

Ballistol Oil fluid

As a liquid Ballistol is even more versatile and environmentally friendly. Whether for application with a brush or for transferring into oilers and dispensers. You can get liquid containers from 50 ml to 200 liters. We also offer Ballistol liquid in a set with professional oilers and atomizers, which can completely replace spray cans with propellant gas.

Ballistol in Tissues / Wipes

You don’t want to miss your Ballistol in holiday, but it may not take onto the aircraft or you want not use aerosol sprays or glass bottles? Here are the practical tissues with Ballistol universal oil. Clean and separate wrapped tissues for the care of shoes, for hunting or for hand care and of course for all other purposes for which you always used Ballistol.

The big Ballistol care pen

The big universal care pen generates a thin oil film that can be varied by a long press of the fiber tip. With the differently shaped ends of the fiber tip, the width of the oil film can be adjusted from about 3 mm to approximately 15 mm as needed.

Ballistol Fine Point Oiler to dose small quantities of oil

Each time you want to lubricate drop by drop without spraying adjacent parts or areas, the point oiler will be the right choice. Especially for a steady applying on small areas, the point oiler is ideal. It is always helpful where excess oil disturbs or even harms. For precise oiling of hard accessible places, we offer our Oil pen of aluminum, which is equipped with long thin lance for subjacent areas.

Ballistol Universal Oil for more than 120 years
for more than 1000 possible applications.

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