Ballistol Universal-Oil
Ballistol Universal-Oil

Ballistol oil is also suitable for animal care

Ballistol Universal Oil
for more than 120 years
for more than 1000 possible applications.

Ballistol Universal Oil is available as spray, fluid, in point oilers or in rich soaked tissues.

Ballistol Oil is one of the rarely alkaline oil. As an alkaline Oil Ballistol is high effective, universal, environment-friendly and acts disinfectant. Furthermore Ballistol is a proven penetrating oil and an agent for rust protection. Ballistol does not resinify even in decades and it is durable practical unlimited. Besides Ballistol is complete biodegradable, food safe and skin-friendly. Ballistol is well suited for more than 1000 purposes in household, workshop, garden, car, bike, wood care, leather care, industry, for anglers, hunters, sport shooters etc.

Ballistol for animal care

Also for the treatment of animals Ballistol offers many opportunities. Starting with the budgie over dogs and cats to horses. Ballistol is mainly used for wound care, for coat and tail care. A breeder use Ballistol successfully against mites for rabbits. Even sensitive animals tolerated Ballistol. Especially developed for animals is Ballistol Animal. It includes many valuable natural remedy.

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