Compressed gas cleaner
Compressed gas cleaner

Compressed gas cleaner

80 liters of compressed gas cleaner in a 300 ml can.

The Ballistol compressed gas cleaner contains 80 liters of sprayable volume in the 300 ml can. Normal compressed air spray only contains around 5 liters of volume. Be sure to take this fact into account when comparing prices, because the volume of the spray can is not identical to the volume that can be sprayed.

It removes dust, the finest lint and small particles in hard-to-reach places. This means that sensitive objects and devices are protected during cleaning and are not scratched.

The compressed gas cleaner leaves no residue and does not attack materials.

The can is equipped with a flexible spray rod for hard-to-reach places. In contrast to many other compressed gas sprays, this is not stiff but flexible. This is the only way to bring full pressure to the dirty surfaces in narrow areas that are difficult to access.

With a length of just under 20 cm, the spray lance is ideal for all of the above purposes and works without loss of pressure. For deeply hidden places, you will receive a 60 cm long spray extension, with which the compressed gas cleaner can also be transported to deeply hidden places.

The possible uses are very diverse. Cameras, lenses, microscopes and other optical devices are also part of the range of applications, as are paintings, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, computers, keyboards, printers, copiers, fax machines, USB ports, etc. Dust and other deposits can be gently removed with the compressed gas cleaner from stereo systems, electrical switching elements and modules and much more. It also provides perfect service in model making and precision mechanics such as clockworks, quartz watches, analogue cameras and small gears.

This means that the compressed gas cleaner belongs not only in every private household but also in laboratories, offices, workshops, in the tool bag of the maintenance service, in graphic companies and photo studios.

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