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Ballistol Universal Care-Pen

The big Universal-Care-Pen from Ballistol is specially designed for the care, lubrication, cleaning and protection of medium-sized surfaces.

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Ballistol Universal Care-Pen

Care PenWith the broad felt tips you can apply Ballistol in tracks of either ca 3mm, 6mm or 15mm width evenly and sparingly. If you move the pen on the felt edge, very fine tracks are possible too. The handling is as easy as the large permanent Edding marker pen. The felts are very stable and dispense the oil in just the right amount without dripping. With a slight pressure on the hard fiber tip the oil will absorbed and can be applied to the surfaces then. So you have no problems with excess oil. The Ballistol care Pen is therefore particularly suitable for model builders, mechanics, precision mechanics, janitors, technicians, and for the entire household and the workshop and because of the wound care properties also for the medicine cabinet and much more. In addition, the Care Pen can always be refilled. In addition you can order 3 replacement-felt-tips. So you have the option to use different felt tips for clean and unclean surfaces. On delivery the care pen is already filled with 30 ml Ballistol oil.

Replacement tips can always be ordered separately.

Replacement Tips for the Universal Care Pen Here you find the Replacement Tips for the Universal Care Pen.

BallistolBallistol is suitable for all surfaces and materials.

Since over 100 years are always new applications for Ballistol has been discovered. More information can be found at Ballistol Spray or in the free Ballistol Story as well as in the history of Ballistol.

Examples of the application of the pin Ballistol:

Track CleanerRail maintenance, slipways, model railroads, Carrera track...
As a Track Cleaner the Ballistol Universal-Care-Pen is excellent suited for cleaning and maintenance of tracks and sliding ways. With the rail maintenance pen, you can keep contacts, rails and slipways clean in model making as well as maintain in the professional field all conductive and non-conductive rail systems. Also for digital tracks the Ballistol-Pen ideal a helping tool to keep all the rails and tracks and maintains conductivity.

rubber door careCare of rubber seals on car doors, cooling towers, chiller...
Ballistol effectively prevents freezing of rubber seals on car doors and industrial equipment. Ballistol maintains all door seals and ensures in winter that this not can freeze on metal surfaces and be damaged when you open the car door or the trunk lid. Door seals which are cared with Ballistol remain like new for years, will not fragile or brittle and the smoothness will preserved.

The Ballistol care-Pen has a broad rectangular fiber tip, which makes it possible to maintain the wide side and the narrow side of the rubbers in a single operation. If you want to use the Ballistol pin for winterizing your vehicle, you can also buy it together with other Ballistol products for the automotive winter care at an affordable price in our complete Winter-Kit.

More uses:

Ballistol CustomersBallistol is an universal oil and contact oil and is suitable for more than 1000 purposes. Therefore, it is not possible to describe all the possible applications of the Care-Pen here. Here are some hints:

• Wood Care: waterproofing and restoration of woods such as knife handles, gunstocks...
• Plastic Care: Care and Cleaning of plastics, motorcycle parts, bicycle parts, machine parts...
• Leather Care: Restoring and maintaining brittle leather like belt, straps, seats...
• Skin care: disinfecting and maintain wounds, chapped and dry skin...
• Pet care: protect paws from ice and salt, care of cracks and scratches...
• More applications you can find for example in the Ballistolstory.

The main features of the Big Ballistol Care Pen at a glance:
The big Ballistol Care Pen

  • Maintains and preserves contact rails.
  • Increases the conductivity and data transmission even for digital tracks.
  • Does not harden even after decades.
  • Swallowing inadvertent is absolutely harmless.
  • Biologically degradable and specially kindly to the skin.
  • Is quite safe according to the food law.
  • Prevents freeze of Gummies
  • Maintains, cleans, protects and lubricates all materials
  • Suitable for more purposes in 1000.
  • Is always refillable

The Big Ballistol Care Pen enables a specific dosage. Designed practical and environmentally friendly it is refillable of course and you can find it here in the Ballistol Shop also in sets with refills and finer oil pens.

Precision oiler of aluminum For precise oiling of hard accessible places, we offer our Oil pen of aluminum, which is equipped with long thin lance for subjacent areas.

oiler, dispenser and atomizer Here you will find all Oilers and Dispensers from point oiler to professionally industrial oiler with atomizer as an environmentally alternative to spray cans with propellant gas.

Further Oil-Pens of our assortment: Ölstifte im Ballistol Shop

Ballistol-Shop: Oil Pens :

Oil Pens Aluminum Oil Pen High-End Oil Pen Precision Oiler Thrifty Oiler Fine Point Oiler Universal Care-Pen
Ölstifte Aluminum Oil Pen High-End Oil Pen Precision Oiler Thrifty Oiler Fine Point Oiler Universal Care-Pen
Material Casing Aluminum Aluminum Plastic Plastic Plastic Plastic
also for alkaline Oils temporary* yes partly** partly** yes yes
Transparent Reservoir no no yes yes no no
Clip yes yes yes yes no no
Reservoir Capacity ca. 5 ml ca. 5 ml ca. 5 ml ca. 5 ml ca. 15 ml ca. 30 ml
Closing Cap yes yes yes yes yes yes
Activation Press Button Press Button Press Button Pinpoint Hard-Felt-Pin Hard-Felt-Head
Weight ca. 35 gr ca. 40 gr ca. 20 gr ca. 21 gr ca. 23 gr ca. 49 gr
Link to Product Aluminum Oil Pen High-End Oil Pen Precision Oiler Thrifty Oiler Fine Point Oiler Universal Care-Pen


* The invisible mechanics of this oil pen contains materials which can be attacked by alkaline oils after some time. Incidentally, this is the case for all oil pens in this price range, even if you find other information in the descriptions. Alkaline oils such as Ballistol have special cleaning properties and are even able to solve certain alloys.

** Even the transparent plastic window, do not work permanently with alkaline oils and possibly get mat.

Our recommendation:

If you want to fill the oiler with alkaline oil such Ballistol, choose the high-end oil pen. The of this pen mechanism includes only high-quality and resistant materials and can also store alkaline oils permanently without any problems.

If you use a neutral oil such as Gunex, Ustanol and all other oils in our assortment, you can use any oil pen.

If you want to see the filling level of the tank, you may also select an oiler with a transparent tank.


Kits The Big Ballistol Care Pen is also available in the following bundles:

Care Pen Bundles:
Care Pen + 50 ml Ballistol 
Care Pen + 500 ml Ballistol 

Fine Oil Pen + Care Pen:
Fine Oil Pen + Care Pen 
Fine Oil Pen + Care Pen + 50 ml Ballistol
Fine Oil Pen + Care Pen + 500 ml Ballistol

All Bundles + matched funnel:
Care Pen + 50 ml Ballistol + funnel
Care Pen + 500 ml Ballistol + funnel
Fine Oil Pen + Care Pen + 50 ml Ballistol + funnel
Fine Oil Pen + Care Pen + 500 ml Ballistol + funnel

The Ballistol Winter-Kit for cars and Motorcycles

Read here what the Jim hunt Magazine writes about the Ballistol Care Pen:

Jim Hunt about Ballistol Jim Hunt about the Ballistol Care Pen

Jim Hunt images

Further information Further Information

Skipper SetBallistol is very popular with skippers, because it can be used on board with little space for countless purposes. What Skipper Robert Reichmann e.g. recommends and what Ballistol can do on board, you can read in the description of the discounted Ballistol Skipper Box.

80 liters of air duster spray from a 300 ml can
DruckluftsprayWith our air duster spray not only reaches much longer than other, it can also be perfectly dosed, is non-flammable and leaves no residue on sensitive surfaces. Perfect for cleaning electronics, optics and other precision equipment.

Ballistol Here you find all sizes and sorts of Ballistol Oil.

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Here you will find a great number of our products in bundles – e.g. with environmentally dispensers, oilers and atomizers as alternatives to spray cans with propellant gas and of course for affordable total prices. Also you find here all counter displays from the Ballistol Shop.

body care Body Care
Here you will find body care products from massage oils to the proven Neo Ballistol Home Remedy or Care Oil and nail oil.

gun care Here you will find our offers for gun care products.

order by phone, fax or e-Mail If you don’t like to buy online, order by phone, personally, by fax or e-mail.

The big Universal-Care-Pen from Ballistol is specially designed for the care, lubrication, cleaning and protection of medium-sized surfaces.

More images:
Ballistol Universal Care-Pen Ballistol Universal Care-Pen Ballistol Universal Care-Pen Ballistol Universal Care-Pen

Alle Sets mit dem Artikel Ballistol Universal Care-Pen

Ballistol Universal Care-Pen

9,98 EUR
incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping costs

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Customer reviews:
17 times rated - Ø 4.82 from 5 points

HANS-GERD P. wrote on 12.12.2017

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Sehr gut gemacht der Stift. Sehr gut in der Handhabung. Bin sehr zufrieden.

Friedrich S. wrote on 23.11.2017

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Sehr anwenderfreundlich.

Martin A. wrote on 16.08.2017

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Absolut praktisch für die vielen kleinen Dinge im Haushalt, am Fahrzeug, eigentlich… read more

CP wrote on 15.03.2017

Evaluation:Rate points 5

gute Idee mit diesem Stift, damit lassen sich wunderbar Dichtungen einreiben

Peter S. wrote on 27.02.2017

Evaluation:Rate points 4

Produkt ist ok. Pflegt gut.

O P. wrote on 12.11.2016

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Mit dem Stift kommt man prima in alle Ecken und schmalen Leisten sparsam hin.

Maria H. wrote on 03.10.2016

Evaluation:Rate points 4

Ich habe meine Türgummi am Auto behandelt, wie es sich im Winter bewährt bleibt… read more

bergahorn wrote on 05.09.2016

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Hervorragender Fussnagelpilz-Killer.

Joachim B. wrote on 06.07.2016

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Ballistol ist einfach super und für alles zu gebrauchen. Bestellung und Lieferung… read more

Andreas wrote on 08.05.2016

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Super Artikel für meine Digital Slot Bahn! Perfekte Anwendung und Dosierung ohne zu schmieren

E. Fischer wrote on 31.01.2016

Evaluation:Rate points 4

Ich habe den Stift für meine gut 40 Jahre alte Carrera-Autorennbahn eingesetzt. Die Bahn… read more

KaKa wrote on 11.08.2015

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Zusammen mit meinem 5 -Liter-Kanister Ballistol Bestandteil eines Systems. Ich nutze den… read more

Markus M. wrote on 11.03.2015

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Klasse Verpackung, sehr leicht aufzutragen, tropft nicht und das Produkt löst… read more

Andreas M. wrote on 21.01.2015

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Toller Artikel,die Rennbahnschienen werden von Anwendung zu Anwendung sauberer.

Tobias wrote on 13.01.2015

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Mehrmaliges Drücken auf die Spitze und los gehts… die Carrera Bahn ist wie… read more

Andreas wrote on 28.11.2014

Evaluation:Rate points 5

vielen dank super Service

Steven_21218_de wrote on 21.11.2014

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Klasse Verpackung, sehr leicht aufzutragen, tropft nicht und das Produkt löst… read more

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