Ballistol universal oil canister

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    • Ballistol universal oil canister 5 liter
    • 129,95 EUR*
      (Groundprice: 25,99 EUR pro Liter)
    • Product No.: 21160 / EAN: 4017777211603
    • Ballistol universal oil canister 10 liter
    • 229,95 EUR*
      (Groundprice: 23,00 EUR pro Liter)
    • Product No.: 21170 / EAN: 4017777211702
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Ballistol universal oil canister

Ballistol universal oil canister

In canisters Ballistol is available in 5 l and 10-liter. The Ballistol canisters are intended as a supply if you use Ballistol in several places in the household or workshop and want to refill the universal oil into our oilers and hand sprayers. The larger quantity in the canister saves money and packaging waste.

Ballistol 5 L

The smallest canister is the 5-liter version. You can fill our hand sprayers 10 or 20 times with the contents. Our smallest oilers can be filled 100 times before the Ballistol 5 L canister is empty.

Ballistol 10 liter

The large 10-liter Ballistol canister is somewhat more popular than the smaller version. Wherever Ballistol is used not only in several places but also for different purposes, the 10-liter canister has an economic advantage.

Canister too small? Ballistol Universal Oil is also available here in in drums from 50 to 200 liters. Here you find all varieties of Ballistol oil und spray at a glance.

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