Ballistol Varioflex 350 ml spray mit flexible spray tube

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Ballistol Varioflex 350 ml spray mit flexible spray tube

Ballistol VarioFlex

VarioFlex is the innovative spray head model from Ballistol. VarioFlex impresses with its flexibility and ease of use. Many oil spray cans have a spray head that ejects a spray. Some are additionally equipped with a rigid spray pipe. Ballistol thought "around the corner" here. The VarioFlex has a flexible spray hose that can be bent and adjusted individually. This is how you reach every place that is otherwise inaccessible. The VarioFlex sprays precisely and can be finely dosed.

If a larger area needs to be sprayed, the flexible spray hose is easy to fold down and the well-known, fine spray mist can be applied. A powerful solution with simple dual use, easy handling and a variety of applications.

VarioFlex can be used on all Ballistol spray cans. Simply remove from the used can, put it on a new one and fix it with a short and strong blow from above. It is ready for action again.

VarioFlex makes it easier than ever to switch from area spray to spot stream. With a short hand grip, fold the capillary tube down and a uniform spray pattern covers surfaces with universal oil. Just as quickly, the spray head is switched to spot stream to set single spot.

The large release surface facilitates dosing, even with gloves. Precise, as much as necessary and still the proven Ballistol effect.

Content: 350ml Ballistol universal oil spray with VarioFlex spray head.

Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

    • Boris wrote on 18.04.2020
    • Ich habe das Öl zum Schmieren eines ESGE Zauberstab genutzt. Alles bestens :-)
    • Dieter wrote on 10.10.2019
    • Spitze für unzugängliche stellen

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