Ballistol wipes 10 pcs in a box

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Ballistol wipes 10 pcs in a box

Ballistol care wipes for on the go and at home

You don't want to go without your Ballistol on vacation, but you're not allowed to take it on the plane or don't want to transport sprays or glass bottles? Here you can find the practical care wipes with Ballistol Universal Oil. Clean and individually packaged, the care wipes are suitable for care in between and on the go, for cleaning shoes, for hunting or for hand care and of course for all other purposes for which you have always used Ballistol.

We also offer you the care wipes with the other Ballistol oils:

With these care wipes you are well equipped for more than just your vacation.

Make your own Ballistol cloths

If you don't need the wipes for on the go, you can make them yourself using our dry fleece wipes in the dispenser bucket.

The liquid Ballistol containers are more versatile. Whether for application with a brush or for transferring into an oiler. You can get liquid containers from 50 ml to 200 liters. We also offer Ballistol liquid in a set with professional oilers and atomizers, which can completely replace spray cans with propellant gas.

Ballistol Universal Oil is one of the few alkaline oils. As an alkaline oil and spray, Ballistol is highly effective, universal and environmentally friendly. Ballistol nourishes, lubricates, disinfects, protects against rust, creeps into the finest corners, does not become resinous even after years, is completely biodegradable, food-safe and skin-friendly. Due to its composition, Ballistol cannot gum up and, thanks to its pharmaceutically pure ingredients, is also approved for parts in contact with products in the food industry.

Ballistol Universal Oil is used in a variety of ways in the following areas:

  • DIY enthusiasts, industry and crafts
  • Car and motorcycle
  • household and garden
  • Wood and leather care
  • Anglers, hunters and shooters

Ballistol sizes

Ballistol univeral oils sizes Container Item number EAN
25 ml spray Aerosol 21820 4017777218206
50 ml spray Aerosol 21450 4017777214505
200 ml spray Aerosol 21700 4017777217001
Varioflex 350 ml spray Aerosol 21727 4017777217278
400 ml spray Aerosol 21810 4017777218107
50 ml oil Glas bottle 21000 4017777210002
100 ml oil Dropper bottle 21025 4017777210255
500 ml oil Tin 21150 4017777211504
5 liter Canister 21160 4017777211603
10 liter Canister 21170 4017777211702
50 liter Drum 21180 4017777211801
200 liter Drum 21190 4017777211900
15 ml oil Fine point oiler 21360 4017777213607
30 ml oil Care pen 21370 2000000213705
Care wipes Sachets 21900 4017777219005

Here you can find the varieties:

Weitere InformationenFurther Information

Ballistol Universal Oil Get to know Ballistol Universal Oil – proven since 1904.

Oiler, Dispender and AtomizerHere you will find all all Oiler and Dispenser. Here we offer environmentally friendly alternatives to spray cans with propellant gas and also precision oil pens to dose your oil drop by drop.

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