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Ballistol Oil 25 ml Spray 20 pieces

Ballistol Oil 25 ml spray package with 20 pieces e.g. as a giveaway

  • Product No.: 2182
  • Shipping time: immediately
  • Content: 500 ml
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  • 22,95 EUR
    (base price 45,90 EUR per Liter)
    incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping costs

Ballistol Oil 25 ml Spray 20 pieces

Ballistol Spray in size of 25 ml is designed as a giveaway / product sample und will offered therefore only in complete packages with 20 pieces each box.

Here you will find the complete description of Ballistol Spray.

Further Informationen about Ballistol

Apart from spray cans Ballistol is available as liquid or as the popular Ballistol wipes and in small point lubricator as well as in large the Ballistol Care Pen. Especially popular are our Ballistol sets with various oilers and atomizers for an affordable all-inclusive price and as an alternative to spray cans.

Here you find all sorts of Ballistol Universal Oil at a glance

Further InformationFurther Information

Ballistol Bundles and KitsHere you find all Bundles and Kits at a glance, for example, with eco-friendly dispensers, oilers and atomizers as alternatives to spray cans and for affordable complete prices.

History of BallistolThe history of Ballistol oil is an exciting story that begins in 1874 and resulted in a competition of the Imperial Army to the still successful formula of Ballistol Oil. We also show you in this short story the brand development in the past 100 years..

Ballistol-StoryIn the Ballistol-Story you will find a table of the application areas of Ballistol - differentiated by materials. In addition, you will find details on durability, ecological aspects, toxicological test results and much more.

DurabilityBallistol and its durability:
Read amazing experience reports of ancient finds of Ballistol and his resinify-free long lasting effects even after decades.

Ecological aspectsEcological aspects to Ballistol oil
Learn more about the ingredients and the environmental performance of Ballistol.

OilerOiler and dispenser for economical and targeted application of Ballistol and as an alternative to spray cans.

Ballistol Oil 25 ml spray is one of the few alkaline oils. It does not resinify even in decades and is complete biodegradable, skin-friendly and food-safe. Ballistol Oil is also creep oil that penetrates the finest fissures and it cares all materials, lubricates, protects from rust and is a potent agent for disinfection.

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Ballistol Oil 25 ml Spray 20 pieces

Ballistol Oil 25 ml Spray 20 pieces

22,95 EUR
(base price: 45,90 EUR per Liter)
incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping costs

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Customer reviews:
8 times rated - Ø 5 from 5 points

Jörg B. wrote on 09.12.2016

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Sehr gutes, preiswertes Material, gerne wieder

Robert S. wrote on 17.02.2016

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Perfekt, ohne Ballistol geht nichts. TOP.

PZ Technik wrote on 26.12.2015

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Wie immer perfekt :)

Michael H. wrote on 27.10.2015

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Perfekte größe für jede Werkzeugtasche.

Michael K. wrote on 11.06.2015

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Die kleine Spraydose passt perfekt in den Luftpistolenkoffer.

Mußner wrote on 07.05.2015

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Super; passt in jede Arbeitstasche. Immer griffbereit.

PZ technik wrote on 02.03.2015

Evaluation:Rate points 5


Jürgen A. wrote on 05.12.2014

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Kleine Mengen passen überall hin. Auto,Tasche, Werkzeugkiste etc

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