If you want to show all the possible applications of Ballistol in videos that would create a library where you could watch videos without pauses longer than one year at a time. But do not worry, here you will find only very short videos that get right to the point. Enjoy and get new perceptions while looking the Ballistol videos.

Ballistol - the most-watched German-speaking Ballistol video

Many applications of Ballistol from cars to tick protection. Various locations of professional kitchens, horse ranches, a model railway shop and other more make this video the most-watched German Ballistol film. On the horse farm we shot the animal care oil, a classic car and a motorcycle act as a "backdrop" for vehicle maintenance, the adventures kitchen in Meerbusch has stage for the kitchen Care in and the model makers are represented by the "railroaders" Volker de Nardo.



  • The Ballistol-Shop
  • Ballistol-Universal Oil
  • Neo-Ballistol Home Remedy
  • Animal Care Oil
  • Stichfrei Insect Repellant


  • Classic Car Care
  • Bicycle Care
  • Kitchen Care
  • Animal Care
  • Body Care

Ballistol Shop MeerbuschHere you can visit the Ballistol-Shop on site.

Where does Ballistol multi-purpose oil come from? history - application - worth knowing

A video on the company's history. Klever with some hints about application areas of Ballistol oil and other products from the range of Ballistol.

Ballistol HistorieFind out more about the history of Ballistol.

Stichfrei and ticks

The video shows how a tick avoids contact with Stichfrei. You can find more information on line free and ticks, for example among agents against ticks.

tick repellentHere you can buy tick repellent.

Comparison test Ballistol Pluvonin and other impregnating agents: durable waterproof!

A really impressive video, which needs no further explanation. The impregnant Ballistol ensures absolute waterproofness - even with filter paper, which is actually made for letting through water resp. coffee.

Impregnating agentHere you can buy Pluvonin Impregnating agent.