Luggage Strap

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Luggage Strap

Luggage strap with adjustable combination lock

The luggage strap is eye-catching, robust and has a combination lock.

The luggage strap firstly helps you to quickly find your suitcase on luggage carousels or luggage trolleys among the many similar-looking suitcases and secondly it offers additional protection against opening the suitcase. If the suitcase bursts open, the luggage strap still provides support. Unauthorized access to the suitcase becomes much more difficult without destroying the luggage strap and requires a lot more time that thieves usually don't have.

From the smallest hand luggage to the XXL suitcase:

The luggage strap is extremely variable, the circumference starts at around one meter. This corresponds to very small pieces of hand luggage and extends up to a circumference of approx. 1.95 meters for XXL suitcases.

Combination lock of the luggage strap with its own number combination:

The safety snap closure is equipped with a combination lock. The opening combination is set to „000“ upon delivery. You can change this combination to your own desired combination at any time.

Set luggage strap number combination

The number combination is easy to change. The three-digit number combination of the luggage strap closure is factory set to the number combination „000“. If you want to change the combination and, for example, set a number combination that you can easily remember, proceed as follows:

  1. Set combination „000“.
  2. Open snap lock
  3. Press the now visible metal button on the side of the lock
  4. Set the desired number combination while holding down the button
  5. Release the button again

The new combination of Ballistol luggage strap is now active. You can only open the Ballistol luggage strap with this combination. The factory setting „000“ no longer works from this point on.

Set luggage strap number combination.webp
Hold down the button marked in red while the desired number combination is set.

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