Wood Sliding Paste

Wood Sliding Paste

Wood Sliding Paste

The Wood Sliding Paste from Ballistol creates when applied a transparent lubricating film on machine tables, pushers and adjusting devices. The working surface is water-repellent and protected against rust. The wood slides easily and stain-free on the machine table. For degreasing surface you should use the appropriate cold degreaser. For even coating an application sponge is included.

The Wood Sliding Paste is stable in a temperature range from -10°C to + 270°C. The Wood Sliding Paste behaves completely neutral towards all means for further processing, such as for Colors, lacquers, stains, oils, etc., because there is no graphite and no silicone included.

In addition to the Wood Sliding Paste we also offer, based on dry lubrication a Wood-Sliding-Spray which you can apply even with running machines.

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