Wood Sliding Spray

  • Manufacturer: Ballistol
  • Product No.: 25363
  • EAN: 4017777253634
  • Content: 400 ml
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11,60 EUR
(Groundprice: 29,00 EUR per Liter)
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Sliding-scale prices: from 10,67 EUR to 11,27 EUR
  • 3 pcs
  • per 11,27 EUR
  • 6 pcs
  • per 11,10 EUR
  • 12 pcs
  • per 10,93 EUR
  • 18 pcs
  • per 10,76 EUR
  • 24 pcs
  • per 10,67 EUR
Wood Sliding Spray

The Wood sliding spray from Ballistol is based on a dry lubrication. The dry lubrication ensures that dirt can not adhere and will not be gravitate. The Slip Spray creates when applied film on machine tables, pushers and adjusting devices dry, transparent and residue-free film. In this film the workpiece slides smoothly over the saw table, workbench and all other machine tables.

The Wood-Slip-Spray is suitable for simple, fast and safe use even at running machines. In addition it can refresh the Wood Sliding Paste. The Wood Sliding Spray also prevents the squeak of wood drills.

If you wish to degrease the machine table before placing your high-quality surfaces, you should use our degreaser or the set of degreaser + Hand sprayer for the uniform and surface application.

Our Wood- Sliding Spray is free from environmentally toxic substances and contains biodegradable solvents. After machining the workpieces can be further processed without further treatments. Stains, oils and paints are not affected by the Wood-Slip Spray. It also contain no silicone and no graphite.

Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

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