Multi garage oil 500 ml

Multi garage oil 500 ml

Ballistol garage oil 500ml

Multi garage oil lubricates, looses rust, conserved, protects from corrosion and much more. The 500 ml tin is most popular size of our customers. As fluid garage oil ist is even more versatile applicable than a spray can. Whether to apply with a brush or for decant into an oiler. Fluid containers you get from 500 ml to 200 liter.

The main properties at a glance:

Ballistol garage oil

Ballistol garage oil and spray keeps on surfaces, creeps into the smallest of gaps and cavities, removes water from metal surfaces, acts against damp, and neither gums nor sticks. It offers reliable and longlife rust protection. The garage oil doesn’t contain any silicone. It is a versatile, high quality and low-cost tool for almost every purpose. The oil keeps everything that might creak, squeak or stick in good condition. Everything works as new and is protected and maintained.

The oil works on sticking boot locks, releases seized up screw threads and fits and provides all metal components with long term protection against corrosion. Ballistol garage oil has also proven itself in use as chain oil for motorbikes. Ideal for the maintenance and care of engines and devices of all kinds. It cares and protects winders, rollers, shafts, screw threads, cable and shiny metal against splashes of water and salty spray. Ideal for use in time for the winter.

It is an actively gliding oil, i.e. it penetrates even the tiniest fissures and reaches the remotest corners. It displaces water from metal surfaces, creeps under moisture, does not either resinify or become sticky. It is free from silicones.

Possible applications

Industry and Crafts

It is ideal for the maintenance and preservation of machines and all kinds of tools. It preserves reliably measuring instruments, moulds and punching machines. The garage oil is outstandingly suitable in the field of rust protection for ready-made and semi-finished steel or iron parts that are to be temporarily stored. It is traditionally applied for the preservation of goods transported by truck, by train or by ship.


It maintains all kinds of machinery and tools used in the heavy-duty area of agriculture and forest culture ‐ maintenance, anti-corrosive and lubricant embodied in one oil. Superb for tractors, trailers and machines.

House and Gardening

keeps anything in shape that might begin to creak, squeak, moan or lock. Be it doorlocks, hinges, bicycles or motorbikes. Anything treated with multi garage oil remains working well, remains protected and maintained and will be like new for a long time. In gardening it is highly recommended for machines and tools.

Cars & Motoring

It helps you loosen jammed bootlocks, seized joints and fits, it prevents locks from freezing in winter, protects metal parts against corrosion for a very long period of time. In addition to this it is a well-tried chain oil for motorbikes.


It maintains winches, capstans, reels, cylinders, screwed joints etc. and bare metal even when exposed to salty splashes and foams.

Here you find all sizes of garage oil.

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Weitere InformationenFurther Information

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