Aerosol can extension 60 cm

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Aerosol can extension 60 cm

Aerosol can extension 60 cm

With this Spray can extension for our cans you can reach deep into hidden places. It is perfect for Ballistol spray e.g. and for our starting fluid to inject it deep into the air filter box and also for the maintenance of rifle barrels.

The output end the extension has a small disturb attachment which radiates the medium in all directions. This allows for example to moisten pipes inside completely wetted. If you prefer to spray targeted, you can remove the small inlay and replace if required.

The principle of the removable inlay:

The inlay radiate the medium in all directions.

Specifications of the aerosol extension

  • Diameter: 5 mm
  • Length: 600 mm

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All sets with Aerosol can extension 60 cm

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