Air Duster

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Air Duster

Air duster

Air duster spray is primarily used for the non-contact and dry removal of dust, loose dirt and other deposits. It is ideal for hard-to-reach places and for objects that you don't want to touch. These can be camera optics. This means that even sensitive surfaces can be cleaned with a suitable air duster.

Compressed gas or compressed air, flammable or non-flammable?

Air is a gas. If you simply compress air, only a small sprayable volume is possible. However, if other gases are used as the medium, up to 80 liters of sprayable volume can fit into a 300 ml can. This is also the difference between flammable and non-flammable pressure washers.

This Ballistol product contains combustible compressed gas.

Requirements for compressed air sprays

The following criteria are important for air duster:

  • Sufficient pressure
  • Large spray volume – here 80 liters
  • No residue on the cleaned surfaces
  • Easy to dose by regulating the spray strength
  • Flexible spray lance

Areas of application of air duster sprays

Air dusters are often used for PCs. However, a good compressed air spray can be used anywhere where dust and other contaminants cannot be removed by other means or can only be removed with difficulty. These include, for example, all inaccessible narrow spaces and angles on electronic devices as well as sensitive surfaces of displays, circuit boards, chips, screens, etc. Cleaning keyboards with air duster is probably the best-known example of the use. The air duster is also used by professionals in optics, for example to clean lenses or objective lenses or camera mirrors, etc.

The dust-free spray is equipped with a flexible spray lance for inaccessible areas. This is ideal if you want to use air duster for sewing machines, for example. In contrast to many other compressed air sprays, this is not stiff but flexible. This is the only way to bring full pressure to the dirty surfaces in narrow areas that are difficult to access.

Clean the fan on the computer

One of the most common uses for air duster is to clean fans on computers and other electronic devices.

However, it is important to note that the fans can be damaged if the speed is too high. Therefore, it is important that you block the fan's propeller or simply hold it with a finger before spraying. This further increases the cleaning performance, as a rotating fan swirls the spray and the cleaning pressure applied is significantly reduced.

Avoid false alarms from smoke detectors

Smoke detectors can trigger false alarms if they become dusty. The false alarm of the smoke detector is triggered because the optical sensor of the smoke detector cannot distinguish between dust and smoke. With Ballistol air duster you can also spray into live electrical systems without hesitation. The air duster safely removes dust from the smoke detector and you are spared from annoying and exciting false alarms. In most rooms it is sufficient if you clean the smoke detector once a year.

Application examples for air duster:

  • Electronic devices
  • Remove dust from smoke detectors and thus prevent false alarms.
  • Optics such as cameras, lenses, binoculars, etc.
  • Fans on computers and other electronic devices
  • Stereo systems
  • DVD player
  • Keyboards
  • Audio system in the car
  • Electronic components
  • Clocks and clockworks
  • Precision devices and measurement technology
  • Medical technology
  • Modelling
  • Pictures and paintings

Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

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