Weapon Care Cloth

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Weapon Care Cloth

Weapon Care Cloth

The Ballistol Weapon Cleaning Cloth is the best and safest choice for a universal Cloth for Weapon Cleaning and Weapon Care. On all materials and surfaces from high-gloss plastic over burnishing to bare weapon steel, the weapon care cloth can be used without hesitation.

The weapon care cloth consists of a special fabric with the following characteristics:

  • Absorbent
  • Takes up oil and solvent
  • Does not cause micro scratches

Absorbency of the weapon care cloth

The absorbency of the weapon care cloth is e.g. Compared to conventional cotton towels by about one third less. This is important so that cleaners and effective oils such as wood care oils are not bound to the cloth too quickly and in high quantities. The weapon care cloth takes about 2.5x its own weight of liquid (cotton about 3.5 x). So it is absorbent enough to absorb leftovers and excess chemicals and oils without wasting them.

cleaning underlay padUse a suitable cleaning underlay pad for Weapon care. The impervious and material-saving felt pad from VFG and Ballistol is ideal for cleaning and maintenance.

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    • Perfect size good and fast service and delivery.

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