GunTec Gun Care Oil with Precision Oil Pen in a kit

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GunTec Gun Care Oil with Precision Oil Pen in a kit

GunTec Gun Care Oil with Precision Oil Pen in a kit

Apply gun oil sparingly and targeted. Gunsmiths and gun owners use the Sommerhoff-Precision-Oil-Pen mainly to lubricate lock, slide, trigger mechanism, etc. precise and sparingly. But even high-quality knives and hunting knives require special care. Folding knife, for example, included in the closure mechanism movable parts and springs. Here is a drop of oil (not more) required. Knives with fixed blades shall also be oiled to prevent corrosion.

Short Description Precision Oil Pen

The Sommerhoff-Precision-Oil-Pen is made of solid aluminum and dispense small quantities of oil finely dosed dropwise. With this Oil Pen you can reach smallest and deep hidden places effortlessly. The pen leaves the oil only exactly where you want it. All surrounding parts and areas remain free of oil.

Short description of GunTec Gun-Oil

GunTec is a modern and special gun care oil for durable care and maintenance of all guns such as sports, tournament and hunting guns, large and small caliber and air pressure guns. It is also suited for black powder guns and for conservation of antique and shiny metal guns. GunTec gun-care-oil dissolves and removes black powder and other residues. GunTec gun care oil protects against corrosion and oxidation, eliminates damp, is able to creep into the smallest of fissures.

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GunTec Gun Care Oil with Precision Oil Pen in a kit.

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