Insect protection
Insect protection

Insect protection with Ballistol Sting free

Insect protection with Ballistol Sting free and Sting free Kids &ndasch; Insect repellent and mosquito spray against gnats, ticks, horseflies and other insects.

Tropicalized insect protection with Stichfrei (sting free) of Ballistol without pollution of the room climate.

Mosquito protection and protection from all other insects, is most effective when you are not stung or bitten and not must use deadly poison to insects.

Many insect repellents and mosquito sprays are designed to kill insects. This is in addition to the problems with insecticides only effective if the insecticide is actually all able to kill all the gnats, mosquites, horseflies etc.

Ballistol Stichfrei does not kill the insects but is on the human body and the body of animals such as dogs, cats, horses, etc, even in the tropics effective invisibility cloak that can hide the blood of potential suppliers before the insects. This means that the annoying and sometimes dangerous insect stings and insect bites do not happen because the insects do not recognizes man or animal who is protected with Ballistol Stichfrei, as a "blood suppliers".

In this way, you can relax after rubbing with Ballistol Stichfrei, the tropicalized insect repellent spray for many hours without being bitten or stung by any insect.

Ballistol Stichfrei acts:

Stichfrei mosquito protection of Ballistol keeps all insects away and acts for many hours. Also in the tropics, the insect repellent is ideal and thus enables a long stay outdoors free of complaints. Stichfrei mosquito and insect repellent smells pleasant, cares the skin and provide sun protection by a UV filter.

Should you forget Stichfrei (Stingfree) and should you be stung, we recommend Neo Ballistol for the treatment of puncture site.

Here you will find all varieties and sizes of the tropicalized insect spray Stichfrei – sting free. Whether as a spray or liquid, as pump spray or as a disposable cloth. Only here in the Ballistol-Shop you will find the full range of original products from Klever Ballistol. You will also find the fluid containers of insect repellent, environmentally atomizer and sets with mosquito repellent and hand atomizers and mosquito nets for windows and doors.

Ballistol Sting free and Sting free Kids – insect repellent and mosquito spray against mosquitos, ticks, gnats, horseflies and other insects.