Synthetic Gun Grease from GunTec Liqui Moly 70 g tin

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Synthetic Gun Grease from GunTec Liqui Moly 70 g tin

Synthetic weapon grease from GunTec Liqui Moly. 70 g in a tin.

GunTec Weapon Grease is a synthetic special grease with white solid lubricants. Its excellent friction- and corrosion reducing lubrication features make GunTec gun fat the ideal lubricant for all moving gun components. GunTec is useable in a wide temperature range from -50 °C to +150 °C. The ideal product for the lubrication of all sliding connections such as guides, sears, contacts, and also useable as an assembly aid for screw and pivot threads.

GunTec plastic cleaner is available in the following Sizes:

GunTec weapon grease is available in the following sizes:

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Synthetic weapon grease from Guntec Liqui Moly – the perfect weapon care for all weapon components. 70 g in a tin.

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