BioGreen Mineral Foliar Fertilizer Spray

BioGreen Mineral Foliar Fertilizer Spray

BioGreen Mineral Foliar Fertilizer Spray

Mairol BioGreen is a ready-to-use mineral foliar fertilizer in the spray bottle. The direct admission takes place only over the sheet of the plants. In addition, Mairol BioGreen improves the soil.

Mairol BioGreen goes directly into the natural process of the plant, accelerates photosynthesis and improves the formation of chlorophyll. Mairol BioGreen thus increases the quality and quantity and strengthens the plant's immune system. The plants are stabilized by the contained minerals like silicon. Mairol BioGreen is purely organic, vegan and completely safe for bees.

Mairol BioGreen does not replace conventional fertilization. It is a pure foliar fertilizer. It promotes healthy plant growth. In addition, the pH of the plant is adjusted to an ideal level of pH 6.4.

Mairol BioGreen has a systemic effect on the leaf. It strengthens and protects the plants. Lower evaporation of water through the pores is also a supportive effect.

Application of Mairol BioGreen

Shake well before use until no sediment is visible. Fine misted spray directly on the leaves. Let the leaves only wet and not dripping wet. Start with the application in the growth phase from about three leaves. Partly, the natural minerals may leave small grey veil traces on the leaves for a few days.

The ideal application time is morning or evening. We recommend the treatment for the evening. The plants should not be exposed to strong sunlight for at least three hours. The application in the evening has an increased effect due to the morning dew.

Dosage of Mairol BioGreen

Fertilize from the beginning of the growth phase from three leaves at least once every 14 days.

Mairol quality guarantee

Content: 500ml Ready-to-use mineral leaf fertilizer BioGreen.

Here you will find BioGreen foliar fertilizer to mix yourself.

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