Ballistol Gun Cleaning Cord

Ballistol Gun Cleaning Cord

Ballistol FlexClean cleaning cord

The Flex-Clean gun cleaning cord from Ballistol is simple, fast and flexible. FlexClean is suitable for fast, thorough cleaning in between. Built-in caliber-optimized pressure balls and sponges ensure high cleaning performance. A tear-resistant drawstring with brass weight ensure perfect handling.

FlexClean cleaning cords allow a quick cleaning without the help of other tools like cleaning felts, patches, brushes or oakum. The built-in special sponges serve as liquid storage of barrel cleaner and gun oil. Put barrel cleaner on the front sponge and on the back sponge the gun oil. So the cleaning cord ensures cleaning and preservation in one step. The caliber-optimized pressure balls ensure a uniform and effective distribution of the pressure as well as the applied barrel cleaner or gun solvent inside the barrel.

The cleaning cord immediately removes excess liquids. FlexClean is washable, reusable and resistant to all cleaning agents and oils. To ensure that you always use the right cleaning cord, the calibers are engraved on the brass weight.

The FlexClean cleaning cord will be deliver in a handy transport box.

Cleaning cord in different versions for shotguns and ball barrels, handguns and long weapons

The FlexClean cleaning cords from Ballistol are available in different variants. All FlexClean cleaning cords are equally suitable for long guns and handguns.

Cleaning cord for rifled barrels

The cleaning cords for ball barrels each contain three caliber-optimized pressure balls and three special sponges. For arms barrels with grooves and lands, there are the following versions of the FlexClean cleaning cords:

Cleaning cord for shotguns

The cleaning cords for shotguns each contain three caliber-optimized pressure balls and two special sponges as well as special fringes to remove coarse dirt in the shotgun barrel. The following versions of the FlexClean cleaning cord are available for shotguns:

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