Cunter-Display Engineering-Sprays Silicone-Spray Teflon™-Spray Assembly-Spray

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Cunter-Display Engineering-Sprays Silicone-Spray Teflon™-Spray Assembly-Spray

Counter-Display with 12 engineering sprays each 4 x Teflon™-Spray, Silicone-Spray and Assembly-Spray.

With this counter display you generate impulse buying at each checkut.

Short-Description of the particular engineering sprays:
(The detailed description you will find unter Teflon™-Spray, Silicone-Spray and Assembly-Spray).

Teflon™-Spray for hygienically dry lubrication.

Teflonspray is a lubricant and anti adhesive medium for hygienically dry lubrication. For permanent lubricating for all materials like metal, plastics, wood, rubber etc. Teflon™-Spray is a nature sparing alternative to other lubricants like oil or silicone.

Teflon™-Spray is what you need and use if you want to provide short- or long-term lubrication and extra-smooth gliding activity and if hands dirty with oil are out of the question. The Teflon™-particles will adhere to the surface even if there are microscopically tiny fissures and will secure gliding activity without a hitch. Successfully applied with both small and large mating surfaces as well as to drastically reduce friction and adhesion. Typical fields of employment are trolleys, guide ways, cable winches, telescope guides as for instance car antennas, gearings, gearwheels and bearings made of all kinds of synthetic materials.

Silicone Spray for lubricating without oil and fat.

Silicone spray is a lubricant, releasing agent, isolating agent, care medium and a mineral oil free and clean alternative to oils and fats. Silicone spray lubricates and protects stainless and invisible parts made of rubber, plastic, wood, leather, metal, glass, textiles, etc. which material accommodating care needs. The silicone layer protects the material against the weather, is invisible and do not adhere. Moreover, the protective film is extremely stable from -50 ° C to +200 ° C. The main areas of application of silicone spray are very broad and are in industrial, household, gardening, car, motorcycle, recreation and outdoor.

Assembly-Spray ‐ silicone free fitting spray.

Klever Assembly Spray and Fitting Spray, dismantling spray, and lubricant spray is silicone free, protects against corrosion, welding, oxidation, wear and ensures easy installation and dismantling of all materials. Assembly Spray and Fitting Spray is another high-performance development based on the latest modern research in the field of material technology. This spray offers a convincing long-term protection against corrosion and helps avoid problems in the field of installation or uninstalling of metal compounds. Fully effective even in extreme temperature ranges from -100 °C to +1000 °C, be it in hot steam or aggressive salt water. Protects threads, moulds and all kinds of fits from seizing and freezing. Especially recommended for the protection of threads consisting of metal alloys, e.g. iron-aluminum or brass iron. Reliable application with coarse and fine threads of any kind, plugging, fittings, winches, lifting-jacks, shafts, axles, reels and the sealing of engine units.

Counter-Display with 12 engineering sprays each 4 x Teflon™-Spray, Silicone-Spray and Assembly-Spray.

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Teflon™ is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC used under license by F.W. Klever GmbH.

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