Silicone-Spray for lubricating without oil and fat

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Silicone-Spray for lubricating without oil and fat

Silicone Spray for lubricating without oil and fat

Silicone spray is a lubricant, releasing agent, isolating agent, care medium and a mineral oil free and clean alternative to oils and fats. Silicone spray lubricates and protects stainless and invisible parts made of rubber, plastic, wood, leather, metal, glass, textiles, etc. which material accommodating care needs. The silicone layer protects the material against the weather, is invisible and do not adhere. Moreover, the protective film is extremely stable from -50 ° C to +200 ° C. The main areas of application of silicone spray are very broad and are in industrial, household, gardening, car, motorcycle, recreation and outdoor.

Silicone-oil or silicone spray?

Silicone-Oil or Silicone-SprayWhen to use the dropper bottle with liquid silicone oil and when silicone spray is more appropriate? The answer is quite simple: Whenever you need to oil precisely or pinpoint accuracy, the silikon-oil dropper bottle is the best choice. If you want to apply the silicone oil evenly on the surface, you should use the silicone spray.

The main features at a glance:

Silicone Spray

  • Is lubricant, releasing agent, isolating agent and care medium.
  • For mineral oil free and clean lubrication.
  • Prevents freeze on of rubber in car doors and refrigerators, etc.
  • Reduce wear and noises of treadmills for example.
  • Suitable for sealing and impregnation of ignition.
  • Impregnates textiles, leather, tarpaulins, tents, latex, etc.
  • Greases, cares and protects all materials.
  • Prevents that dry rubber or will be porous.
  • Does not leave a greasy film behind and do not adhere.
  • Protects from moisture, corrosion, rust and oxidation.
  • Material accommodating for all materials.
  • For indoor and outdoor.
  • Stainless lubrication also in contact with textiles.
  • Eliminates creak noise.
  • Acts as isolating spray and prevents surface leakage.
  • Allows material accommodating care.
  • Acts water repellent, dust repellent, antistatic and do not resinify.
  • With a stable oil film from -50 ° C to +200 ° C.

Environmental Protection:

Klever silicone spray contains no environmental toxins. The solvent used is biodegradable.

Similar products:

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Silicone Spray for lubricating without oil and fat.

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