Leather care
Leather care

Leather care

Ballistol has much to offer for leather care:

Leather is a natural product and therefore it ist subject to aging processes. Only if the leather is maintained with appropriate substances, you can prevent the aging of leather. Leather is suffering under both dryness and under moisture. If leather is old, it becomes brittle and suede should be treated differently than smooth leather. Bright leather grow darkes if they are cared with oils.

Here you find the best products for leather care from Ballistol:

Impregnation Spray without nano technology

Ballistol Waterproofing spray offers extreme water and dirt proofing and repellent coating for all natural and synthetic fabrics as well as leather on the basis of the very latest technology.

Silicone spray – impregnates and lubricates

With silicone spray you impregnate tents, textiles, leather, latex e.g. Silicone spray is well suited for mineral oil free lubricating and does not leave stains on textiles e.g.

Ballistol for leather care

Ballistol effectively protects leather against getting hard and dry, against water, insects and fungi. Dry leather softens and gets elastic again with a dull shine.