Winter Vehicle Care Products Set

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Winter Vehicle Care Products Set

Vehicle care set for the winter

In this winter vehicle care kit, you will not find cheap ice scrapers or window cleaners with lubricity. The three high-quality and sensibly combined products help the vehicle survive the winter.

Cylinder spray 50 ml

The cylinder spray maintains, lubricates and cleans cylinders and locks of all kinds. Due to the special lubricating ceramic, the lock can not harden or freeze. The cylinder spray displaces water and moisture. It achieves the closest fits and eliminates squeaks and creaks.

Ballistol Spray 50 ml

Ballistol Spray is suitable for countless applications on the car. In winter, it is also often used for door rubbers because it prevents freezing. In the Ballistol story, which you can also order for free, you will find more applications under Ballistol for the car.

Protec Rust Protection Oil Spray 50 ml

Protec effectively prevents the rust. The special corrosion protection oil is highly effective and achieves a long-lasting effect. ProTec is a premium anti-rust spray from Ballistol which, in addition to the corrosion protection, also has a first-class lubricating effect and cleaning effect.

Set content: Vehicle care for the winter

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