Ballistol and Environment Ballistol and Environment

Ballistol and Environment

The aspect of ecology and the protection of our environment play an increasingly important part when people choose certain chemical-technological products. Did you know that Ballistol has been t h e first-quality oil for maintenance and body care, t h e environment- friendly oil since it was invented back in 1904. The manufacturers of Ballistol ecological awareness, that is often cited today, was a foregone conclusion already more than 80 years ago.

Ballistol is based on a medicinally pure white oil. This kind of oil is used in the field of pharmacy as a component of medicaments that are taken by human beings. To man and animal as well as lower organisms it is absolutely non-toxic. As we also know today it does not contaminate water. When some oil gets into the soil it is decomposed by micro-organisms and integrated into natural circulation.

The active ingredients contained in Ballistol are to be found combined or uncombined with other elements in nature. Therefore they are decomposed in the course of natural circulation like all substances and compounds that have come into existence naturally. Consequently, they are no ecological risks. Neither is there any any other components in it, which would be detrimental to our environment such as PCB’s or dioxins.

Although sprays are objectionable in the eyes of environmentalists, we can't do without them in many fields of application. Ballistol-Spray comes up to the demands on an environment-friendly spray. It contains propane and butane as propellants and, in contrast to Ballistol-oil, pure hydrocarbon to improve the atomising effect. Propane, butane and this solvent are decomposed in the lower atmosphere within a fortnight to carbon dioxide and water. These two elements are also components of the natural circulation.

Considering the problem subjects of packing materials and garbage, Ballistol again makes a positive contribution to keeping our country tidy. Ballistol has always been bottled in glass, which can easily be recycled. Plastic bottles would have to be out of a special synthetic material, which would aggravate the problem of overflowing garbage dumps or, even worse, plastic bottles would have to, be burnt, if you want to get rid of them. In larger quantities Ballistol is only available in metal containers, be it can or canister, never in plastic containers. These metals are also fully recyclable. The same is relevant to empty spray cans.

As you can see, Ballistol has been ecologically aware and environment-friendly for decades, which we hope is an additional reason for you why Ballistol remains or becomes number one for you.