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We have provided a suitable selection from the large Ballistol range for our six-pack. Of these 32 selected products, six can be placed in the six-pack.

Selection of 6 out of 32 products with 10% discount:

  • 3 free product samples from the Ballistol-Shop
  • Stainless steel Bottle opener
  • Ballistol story as booklet
  • carry box

You can design this six-pack yourself. Total 32 products from the categories:

  • Technical oils
  • Body care and animal care
  • Wood care
  • Technical sprays

Are available. Depending on the composition, you save up to approx. € 20 and receive the additions listed below free of charge. Pack, for example the discount for 6 pieces of your favorite product or for any other combination in the Ballistol-Sixpack. You decide!

Choose any combination for the 6 places in your personal Six-Pack and get:

  • Two of the following varieties of popular wipes:
    • Care cloth Ballistol universal oil
    • Nursing cloth Neo Ballistol home remedy
    • Care cloth Stichfrei Tropicalized insect repellent
    • Care Cloth Animal Animal Care Oil

    You get any combination of these gifts according to your individual compilation of the six-pack. We strive to put together the two gifts so that you do not receive any duplication of the products you choose in the Six-Pack.

  • An applicator Pro, which is a perfect and chemically resistant tool for clean and even application of almost all liquids.
  • A stainless steel bottle opener for other six-packs in the household.
  • A current issue of the Ballistol story as a hardcover booklet with many tips and testimonials from more than 110 years of Ballistol history.
  • A sturdy six-pack carry case

These products are available to you for the compilation of your individual Six-Packs:

  • Ballistol universal oil for more than 1000 purposes
  • Home remedy Neo Ballistol
  • Insect protection Stichfrei
  • Animal Care Oil Animal
  • Horse shampoo
  • Workshop oil USTA
  • Penetration oil Ustanol
  • Antirust oil and gun oil Gunex
  • Silicone spray
  • Teflon™ Spray
  • Impregnation spray
  • Air Duster spray
  • Freezer Spray
  • Bike cleaner
  • Brake cleaner and parts cleaner spray
  • Soft Air pressure gas
  • Wood Care oil from Balsin and Schaftol
  • Wood sliding spray

Scope of delivery of the Six-Pack at a glance

  • 6 out of 32 products you choose with 10% off the regular price
  • 2 x wipes from the Ballistol range
  • 1 x Applicator Pro
  • 1 x stainless steel bottle opener
  • 1 x Ballistol story as bound booklet
  • 1 x six pack carrying carton

Popular accessories for the six-pack

If you combine your six-pack not only with spray cans but also with liquid oils, the following recommendation is interesting for you:

Atomizer A perfect atomizer with different nozzles for thin and viscous oils
The practically and environmentally Atomizer may oils atomize almost finely as a classic spray can. For this purpose, different nozzles are available for different viscous liquids.

Kennzeichnung gemäß Verordnung (EG) Nr. 1272/2008 [CLP/GHS]

    • KaReisi wrote on 21.09.2020
    • Unsere Räder danken uns dafür. Klasse Produkt.

    • rubi20 wrote on 28.08.2020
    • schnelle Lieferung, top Qualität, angemessener Preis, absolut empfehlenswert

    • wrote on 20.08.2020
    • Eine gute Idee, auch als Geschenk an Freunde - zB.: Pflegeset für Männer :-)
    • Ulli wrote on 27.02.2020
    • Habe den Bremsenreiniger zum Entfetten von einem Bandsägetisch genutzt. Sehr gute … read more
    • gofishing wrote on 08.02.2020
    • Habe den Reiniger per Zufall entdeckt, hat eine sehr gute Reinigungswirkung bei den … read more
    • KaReisi wrote on 21.09.2020
    • Unsere Räder danken uns dafür. Klasse Produkt.

    • rubi20 wrote on 28.08.2020
    • schnelle Lieferung, top Qualität, angemessener Preis, absolut empfehlenswert

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