Fleece wipes in the dispenser bucket

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    • Fleece wipes in a dispenser buckez
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    • Fleece wipes refilling-roll (130 wipes)
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Fleece wipes in the dispenser bucket

Fleece wipes in the dispenser bucket

The universal wipes in the dispenser box can be used to care for and clean just about anything. These wipes are stored in a reusable dispenser box. They can be soaked with liquid Ballistol products as desired. Whether with hand disinfectant, universal oil or cleaners – the wipes can be used to clean and care for any surface.

If the can is filled with universal oil, for example, the wipes are suitable for gun care as well as for stainless steel surfaces, wooden shafts, dog paws or leather care. Mixed with Ballistol sanitizer, not only hands can be disinfected, but also surfaces. The perfect all-rounder is obtained, for example, when the universal and plastic cleaner is added. This combination cleans, among other things, surfaces in the car, plastic parts, seat covers, furniture surfaces or garden furniture.

The cloths are highly absorbent, lint-free, soft and at the same time tear and puncture resistant. They are made of 90 percent viscose, which simultaneously absorbs dirt and releases liquid during cleaning.

There are 130 cloths wound on a roll. The wipes have a size of 20 x 19 centimeters.

Depending on the liquid, 300 to 500 ml are sufficient to moisten the wipes.

Here you can find the fleece wipes for refilling the dispenser.

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