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High End Oil Pen + Ballistol Oil + Funnel

With this bundle you get a High End Oil Pen of solid aluminum + Ballistol Oil + a fitting funnel of stainless steel.

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High End Oil Pen + Ballistol Oil + Funnel

Short description of the High-End Oil Pen

For a detailed description please click on High-End Oil Pen.

This oil pen often described as Geizhals and made of solid polished aluminum dispense smallest amounts of oil. Even for oils with very low viscosity and after a long lay it will not drop out. This oil pen of the highest quality is an uncompromising quality product for the highest pretensions. The sparing oil pen may also reach smallest and due to its 50 mm long lance also deeply hidden points easily. The oil pen lubricates extremely precise and leaves oils just exactly where you wants. All parts and surrounding areas remain unlike sprays or other lubricators free from oil. The oil pen is also equipped with a handy clip that allows you to wear easily and cleanly in the shirt pocket or work coat.

The Fine Point Oiler is also available separate in the following bundles:
High-End Oil Pen separate
High-End Oil Pen + 50 ml Ballistol Universal Oil
High-End Oil Pen + 50 ml Ballistol Universal Oil + funnel in suitable size
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High-End Oil Pen + 50 ml Gunex Universal Oil + funnel in suitable size

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Short-Description of Ballistol universal oil:

For detailed information, please click here:
Ballistol universal oil 500 ml fluid.

Ballistol is one of the few alkaline oils. It does not resinify even in decades, is complete biodegradable, skin-friendly and food-safe. Ballistol is also a penetrating oil that creeps into the finest angles. Ballistol Oil cares all materials, lubricates, gives rust protection and is a potent agent for disinfection.
Ballistol Oil is for maintaining of metal, wood, leather, rubber, synthetic material, skin, animals' coat and much more. Ballistol Oil is ideally suited for handicraft, industry, agriculture, household, gardening, vehicles, fishing, hunting and shooting sports.
Further information you will find in the Ballistol-Story.
Here you will find all sizes and sorts of Ballistol universal oil.

Short description of the funnel:

For the full description please click on stainless steel funnel for oil pens.

The funnel made of stainless steel, produced in Germany is particularly suited to decant small quantities of oil. It fits into our oil pens. This allows you to fill up the oil pens easy and clean.

Also in this size we offer inexpensive funnel of PE under funnel for oil pens.

Gift pack for the precision-oiler kit

Gift packWe have made a gift box for this kit. The Oil-Pen-Kit looks more pretty as a Gift in this box. The folding carton is neutral white on the outside and inside and can be individually designed by you. Inscribing, painting or stickers are possible. We are glad about every photo of your design. Send us the photo by mail, we will collect and publish the motifs without naming (unless you wish).

You can simply order the folding box at the selection below.

Further information Further Information

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Safe postage Save postage or benefit from our purchasing pool as a business customer.

order by phone, fax or e-Mail If you don’t like to buy online, order by phone, personally, by fax or e-mail.

With this bundle you get a High End Oil Pen of solid aluminum + Ballistol Oil + a fitting funnel.

More images:
High End Oil Pen + Ballistol Oil + Funnel High End Oil Pen + Ballistol Oil + Funnel

High End Oil Pen + Ballistol Oil + Funnel

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Customer reviews:
27 times rated - Ø 4.89 from 5 points

Andreas F. wrote on 13.12.2017

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Ja was soll ich da noch sagen, es ist schon alles gesagt. O.K. dann gebe ich meinen Senf… read more

Peter B. wrote on 08.11.2017

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Der High-End Ölstift ist präzise in der Dosierung und absolut dicht.

Dr T. wrote on 31.10.2017

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Sehr gut.

Andreas P. wrote on 30.09.2017

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Ausgezeichneter Öler, so richtig gute Qualität. Leider hatte sich auf dem… read more

Martina N. wrote on 10.08.2017

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Sehr gut zum punktgenauen ölen. Habe das Set verschenkt an einen Autoschrauber und… read more

Helmut N. wrote on 04.08.2017

Evaluation:Rate points 5


Walter S. wrote on 16.06.2017

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Sehr praktisch!

Ralf wrote on 13.03.2017

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Super Präzisionsöler. Das mitgelieferte Öl ist universell für alle… read more

Andre wrote on 07.02.2017

Evaluation:Rate points 4

Leider kann ich nur 4 Sterne geben da man denn Öl stieft immer nach 2 mal nutzen ihn… read more

Michael K. wrote on 03.02.2017

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Super. Habe damit im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes alte Probleme an alten Märklin Loks gelöst.

Willi S. wrote on 17.01.2017

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Vom Produkt her schon seid Jahren in seiner Qualität bekannt. Bestellung und… read more

Peter B. wrote on 25.10.2016

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Befüllen ohne zu Kleckern und Öl dosieren, da wo es gebraucht wird in der… read more

Horst K. wrote on 13.10.2016

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Gute Verarbeitung, funktioniert wie erwartet.

pohl wrote on 03.10.2016

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Top Dosierer, top Öl.

Buder wrote on 10.09.2016

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Ausgezeichnetes Produkt mit anwenderfreundlicher Dosierhilfe. 5 Punkte.

Rauch wrote on 02.08.2016

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Habe es sofort ausprobiert. Nagelbettpflege super. In der Dosierung optimal, da nur… read more

Dieter H. wrote on 05.03.2016

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Sehr, Sehr gut. Bin super zufrieden. Vielen Dank

Stefan P. wrote on 22.02.2016

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Ballistol verwende ich schon 40 Jahre. Der Ölstift ist aber mein erster, der… read more

Alexander H. wrote on 17.11.2015

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Der Ölstift ist richtig klasse: sehr gut verarbeitet, dicht und ermöglicht das… read more

S. Schneider wrote on 04.11.2015

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Sehr ordentlich verarbeiteter Stift. Öl lässt sich optimal applizieren.

Werner L. wrote on 20.04.2015

Evaluation:Rate points 4

Öl und Ölstift sind sehr gut. Die Verarbeitung des Trichters könnte besser… read more

Gunter Glaßner wrote on 27.02.2015

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Sehr gutes Produkt, sparsam im Gebrauch und gut zu dosieren.

Gerhard K. wrote on 09.02.2015

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Hochwertige Produkte - sehr zu empfehlen.

Gerhard K. wrote on 09.02.2015

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Hochwertige Produkte - sehr zu empfehlen.

Dirk M. wrote on 04.02.2015

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Ich bin insgesamt sehr zufrieden. Der Ölstift funktioniert wirklich einwandfrei und… read more

Tobias wrote on 13.01.2015

Evaluation:Rate points 5

Warum hab ich erst jetzt erfahren, dass es den Ölstift gibt? Er ist super…… read more

Kühne wrote on 12.12.2014

Evaluation:Rate points 4

Dieser Ölstift ist sicherlich ein hochwertig verarbeitetes Produkt, keine Frage,… read more

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