Animal Care
Animal Care

Animal care

Animal care is a must for all owners of pets and farm animals. Every keeping of animals necessitates an engagementwith the habits of the animals. Animal care is often only the minimum of necessary attention and care for a species-appropriate keeping or farming.

Animal care products

Here is the assortment for animal care from Ballistol at a glance.

Ballistol Animal Animal Care Oil

To make animal care as gentle and natural as possible, Ballistol animal care oil was developed based on medically pure white oil and supplemented with nourishing and healing natural ingredients. With the popular Ballistol Animal Animal Oil you have a gentle and at the same time very effective way to care all pets and farm animals. The care oil is used for coat care, ear care, tail care and hoof care as well as skin care, wound treatment and prevention of road salt in winter and much more.

Tropical insect repellent for animals

The tropically-proven insect repellent Stichfrei has also been specially developed for animals and, like animal care oil, offers a wide range of uses. It protects your animals for many hours against mosquitoes, ticks, mosquitoes, brakes and many other annoying and often dangerous parasites. Pleasant is also the mild and fresh smell of the insect repellent.

Horse shampoo

Even horses have sensitive skin. This is reason enough to develop a horse shampoo that has passed the dermatological test with a rating of "Very Good." No perfumes, dyestuffsas or preservatives has been added.

Ballistol universal oil for animal care

Ballistol Universal Oil was designed for wound care right from the start. Above all, it became universally applicable due to the requirement that the oil commissioned more than 120 years ago should also be suitable also for leather care and metal care. Due to the medically pure base oil and its disinfecting effect, Ballistol has also been used successfully in animal care for over a century.