Nail-Care with Nail-Oil
Nail-Care with Nail-Oil

Nail care, manicure and pedicure with Neo Ballistol

Neo Ballistol Nail Oil and Care Oil consists of proven natural ingredients, ethereally oils and medically pure white oil and is a proven care oil since decades, which is successfully used as nail oil and for nail care. Here we report on the among our customers very popular use for nail care.

Neo Ballistol for nail care:

Fingernägel Because of its composition and careful manufacture Neo Ballistol is an ideal Nail Oil for nail care. For brittle nails simply apply Neo Ballistol Nail Oil and massage in until the oil is complete absorbed. Fingernails and toenails become stability, elasticity and a beautiful appearance back. Nail breakage, nail ingrown and nail fungus will avoid. With Neo Ballistol, the fingernails and toenails remain naturally elastic, don't become rough and do not embrittle. Therefore Neo Ballistol avoids nail breakage. If you apply Neo Ballistol Nail Oil regularly, you avoid the ingrown of the nails. Neo Ballistol Nail Oil also acts preventively against nail fungus.

We also offer you our refillable nail oil pen set with Neo Ballistol for a clean handling with nail oil and for dropwise and targeted dosing.

Neo Ballistol for hands and feet Neo Ballistol for manicure and pedicure:

Neo Ballistol oil is suitable for the entire manicure and pedicure. When working in the work-shop, and wherever the hands are particularly claimed, Neo Ballistol is proved for skin protection and for care. For rough work Neo Ballistol also acts as a protective liquid glove. Skin that's treated before the work remains protected and does not embrittle. Moreover, hands are easily to clean after work and without wash-paste or brush. Brittle, dry skin becomes soft and elastic again and rhagades disappear cornea is formed back by regular application. Itching of skin will significantly reduced by massage with Neo Ballistol oil.

Rub your feet with Neo Ballistol care oil before jogging or skiing. Neo Ballistol keeps the foot smoothly in running and prevents the formation of blisters.

The main properties of Neo Ballistol for hands, feet and nails at a glance:

Refillable Nail Oil Pen of aluminium

Nagelöl-Stift These oil pen made of aluminum, you can always refill with your Neo Ballistol nail oil. The oil pen spends the smallest quantities of oil dropwise dosed. So you can use your nail oil pen again and again and also underway the nail oil pen remains always clean and dry. Compared with disposable nail oil pens you also save money and protect the environment.

Also available in a favorable set: Nail Oil Pen + Neo Ballistol.

Neo Ballistol can do much more than just nail care

Here was mainly described the properties for nail care, manicure and pedicure. Neo Ballistol can do even more. In the department Neo Ballistol you find all other areas of application of the decades-proven home remedy.